How to create an advertising campaign on Instagram

There are a few things you need to know if you are looking to create a successful Instagram ad campaign. First of all, you must have a verified account with at least 10,000 followers and you must have an engaging bio that will grab the attention of customers. Second, you can use paid ads or collaborate with influencers who have large and loyal following. They are in the business of promoting products. These are all great ways you can use to advertise because the content appears more organic. If you are more interested in immediate results, there are even growth services, such as Growthoid, which you can use to get Instagram followers. These are just a few ways though. If your brand or business wants to implement an Instagram marketing or advertising campaign, here are some steps you can take.

Have goals

Before starting any advertising project, you need to identify your goals and you need to be realistic and make sure that your goals are achievable. Good examples of goals to have include:

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Widen the reach.
  • Increase traffic to your website or store.
  • Boost engagement.
  • Increase the number of views on videos.
  • Start conversations on your website or app.

Having goals benefits you in the long run because they give you direction, allow you to focus clearly on what is important. They also give you clarity in decision-making, they give you control over the future, and they motivate you. It is important to have a goal and objectives provide just that. Setting goals is an essential part of your advertising campaign because without them you will have no direction or purpose and you will not experience any satisfaction when you achieve something.

Use hashtag challenges

Hashtag challenges are something you can add to your ad campaign strategy. So what are the challenges of hashtags? Hashtag challenges happen when someone on Instagram sets a certain theme and asks people to share photos or content on that specific theme using a particular hashtag. Here are a few examples of hashtag challenges that have taken over Instagram:

  • #DontRushChallenge
  • #transition
  • #letdancechallenge
  • #gesturechallenge
  • #workourchallenge
  • #bingochalenge

Hashtag challenges benefit brand reputation and brand awareness. It promotes user-generated content that has the potential to go viral, which could expose your brand to masses of people. These challenges also extend your reach on Instagram, so overall, hashtag challenges have a lot of benefits and you should definitely add them to your strategy.

Events and gifts

Isntagram also gives you the option to host live events. There is an Instagram Live feature that lets you engage with your audience in real time and it’s a great way to engage people and engage with your account. Another thing that people absolutely adore getting free stuff so you should definitely add freebies to your strategy as it is an effective way to reach your goals faster and it gets people excited about your brand so make sure to include coupons, promotions, discounts and great freebies. This will ensure more traffic and engagement.

Find your audience

Finally, we’ll discuss how you should research your audience and what it means is that you should:

  1. Identify your ideal customer.
  2. Determine the size of your audience.
  3. Survey your customers.
  4. Research online behavior.
  5. Find and connect with your customer.

A great tool that you can use to research your audience on Instagram is to use the analytics feature available for all business accounts in the app. Instagram analytics gives you access to your impressions, engagement, reach, likes, comments, views, website clicks as well as personal information about your audience such as their age, gender and his location. The most important Instagram metrics are:

  • Impressions
  • Engagement rate
  • Clicks on the bio link
  • Subscriber growth
  • Instagram story engagement

These metrics benefit you greatly because they tell you which posts your followers are responding to the most, and tracking this will help you increase your followers. You also learn to understand your target audience and plan your campaigns and strategy based on the information you receive.

Overall, it doesn’t take much to have a successful Instagram advertising strategy. It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you follow these simple guidelines, you are sure to see success.

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