Kylian Mbappe agrees with Pep Guardiola about Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel

When Chelsea turned to former Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain head coach Thomas Tuchel to replace Frank Lampard in January, few would have predicted how big an impact the German would have.

Originally tasked with trying to save the Blues’ season and lead them to a top-four spot from tenth place in the standings, it looked like Tuchel would have his work cut out for him trying to hit the set target. .

The players lacked confidence and were in serious need of a pick-up after a dismal end of Frank Lampard’s tenure at Stamford Bridge.

What followed was simply stunning.

Tuchel immediately cleared the slate for everyone, allowing those who had not been under Lampard to claim a spot.

The German was quick to put his own plans into practice, immediately setting up a 3-4-2-1 formation in an attempt to make the Blues much stronger at the back, allowing them to be more adventurous in the the last third without leaving gaps. Although a bump or two in the road has been encountered so far during Tuchel’s tenure, its impact has been visible to everyone.

Time and again, the former PSG boss has nailed his tactical approach to perfection, so much so that he even guided the Blues to three wins against three against Manchester City in the space of six weeks, including the historic triumph. of the UEFA Champions League in Porto. almost two weeks ago.

Ahead of the trip to Portugal, Tuchel’s tactical approach and ability to change his tactics to face different opponents was praised by City boss Pep Guardiola, who, as of speaking, was hoping to avoid another defeat at the hands of his last managerial rival in the Premier League.

“Why Chelsea are playing so well … because they have three central defenders close, the two starting midfielders who move in relation are close, the pockets are close, the striker and the two [others in the attack] are so, so close, ”Guardiola told BT Sport ahead of the Champions League final.

“The distances are so close, and at the same time they are so wide with the wingers, they are so good with the ball behind.

“That’s why you can’t be close because they’re pushing you [out wide] and they have a lot of good players in the middle. This is why it is difficult to face teams who want the ball and who want to play with the ball.

“We’ve been trying to do this since day one.”

Evaluating Tuchel’s overall impact at Stamford Bridge, Guardiola added: “I think it’s huge.

“I saw the first game he had against Wolves, it was a draw but I already saw routines, mental processes when I faced them in Mainz and Borussia Dortmund.

“I knew he would do it quickly and well here at Chelsea.”

Guardiola isn’t the only top name to have lyrical about the tactical sense Tuchel showed at Stamford Bridge, with PSG and France forward Kylian Mbappe also singing the praises of the German’s tactical ability. .

Mbappe, of course, knows all about the functioning of Tuchel having worked under him in the French capital.

“He’s fantastic tactically,” Mbappe told BILD. “He knows exactly how opponents will behave and can predict games very accurately. “

With Guardiola, who is arguably one of the greatest managers of all time, and Mbappe, one of the greatest players on the planet, in perfect agreement on Tuchel’s tactical work, it shows just how the former head of Dortmund is talented in this department. .

Time and time again, Tuchel has shown he can organize his team in a way that stifles opposition and makes them pay off at the other end of the pitch.

If he continues to play his cards well, nailing his tactical approach to matches, the Blues could be even more successful next season.

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