The One Habit to Change Your Life Forever

Seems a bit weird? But it is that one habit to change your life forever and it works……works amazingly. Live every day as the last day and you’ll start performing at your best in all activities you do every day. Quality of life depends upon the quality of thinkingYou are superiorWho are the happiest & the world’s best achieversMeditation for healing – how to doLife Changing Courses Let’s see how you will perform once you start your day as the last day of your life. You’ll pray deeply with full concentration and humility as it were your last prayer. You’ll do exercise/meditation/yoga with full determination as you will not be able to do it next morning. You’ll take shower while listening to your favorite song as you can’t have this freedom the next day. You will opt for a healthy breakfast with the maximum benefit for your body. You’ll go out with a smile on your face as you would like to have good relationships with others. You’ll spend quality time with your colleagues and help them out where possible to facilitate things for them. You’ll have great fun with your friends as you’ll no longer be able to meet them like today. You’ll come back home and spend happy hours with your family as you’ll not see them tomorrow. You’ll go to sleep with gratitude in your heart for having a lot of blessings in your life. You’ll sleep after seeking forgiveness for your deeds, after forgiving others and particularly after forgiving yourself (to forget your past) for never having negative thoughts/plans for anyone ever. Most importantly, you’ll focus on giving your best, not accumulating a lot or expecting from others. This thing will make your life much lighter, easier and positive than ever before as you’ll be able to understand the true reality of life. And you know what the true reality of life is? It’ll end someday and you’ll not be able to take anything with you except your deeds and gratitude. So live the life to your full potential and realize the real worth of your good attitude/thinking, the worth of others in your life and the worth of blessings you already have….only this way you will be able to transform your whole life and live it the way it should be. SAMDA has proved to be the safest & the fastest way to bring change in your life. If you haven’t tried it before, do it today.  Come for a life-changing session and know the real worth of everything you have and use it as a blessing for yourself and for others living around. Find your true self within 1-2 sessions and feel the real difference in your life. This post was originally published on Quora as an answer to a question. Visit and UPVOTE the answer to help more people read this information.

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