Meditation for Healing – Why & How?

Someone has asked, can meditation heal your body and my answer was ‘YES’. But why and how? Let’s see it in a simple way. What does healing mean? Healing means getting cured, treated well, restoring health and wellbeing etc. It means when you are healed, you perform well at your physical, psychological & emotional/cognitive level. Now the question is, can meditation heal your body? And to justify the ‘Yes’, we need to see what meditation does for our wellbeing.

The facts I am going to list below are proved by scientific research and anyone can search them in google to find proofs. Meditation heals you by: * creating harmony and peace inside* improving energy level, immune system, and breathing rate* managing heart health, blood pressure & cholesterol* reducing tension, depression, and anxiety* boosting the feeling of happiness, compassion, peace, love & gratitude.* helping you leaving bad habits including substance abuse (addictions)* creating patience, trust, and positivity* reducing prejudice, negativity, and fear* increasing motivation, passion and focus* sharpening your senses and keeping you active & well-aware* boosting your mind power to work in stressful situations* strengthening you against tolerating pain* creating a mindset, ready for self-care and other’s care round the clock Anything left which comes under the definition of healing but not linked with meditation? No. Moreover, research proves that meditation increases grey matter which is linked with our senses, learning, memory, decision making, emotions, and self-control. Meditation produces gamma waves and keeps the brain in a relaxed healthy state. We know that our body is coordinated by our brain and when our brain comes in a healthy state, our body automatically starts functioning the healthy way and attains the state of well-being. It proves that meditation can heal your body in 100% natural & positive way. But the level of healing depends upon the energy vibrations being created during meditation. 8 ways to increase brain power and memory naturallyHow to treat anxiety naturallyHow to cleanse your auraHow to get rid of negative thoughts fastSAMDA – Most Powerful Healing Energy Those who meditate regularly and for longer time periods get much better results comparatively. If you want to enjoy the maximum benefits of meditation, develop a habit of doing it every day. Start from just 5–10 minutes but do it daily. Then increase the time slowly and try to do for at least 30 minutes every day. The more you will do, the more you will be healed…. SAMDA level 6 helps in getting into deep meditation very quickly in order to get the maximum benefits during this deep, relaxed and calm state of mind and body. So those who feel difficulty in sitting in meditation can use SAMDA for going into a deep state of meditation within a couple of minutes & stay longer than usual. Read my book on Natural Healing Methods.

If you want to know more about SAMDA, its healing power and its great role in making your life healthy, happy & successful in 100% positive & side effect free way, come for free consultation session and we’ll explain you in detail.

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