Finding the Path of Your Life – How I Found My Way of Life?

Are you happy with the work you are doing? If you are not happy with the work you are doing and want to build your own workplace where you could grow according to your potential then consider the things below:

1. Obstacles in you are holding you back, not the ones surrounding you at the moment. 2. Others’ can give you motivation, but can’t define the path for you…it’s just you who will define it & will walk it firmly despite coming obstacles. 3. Job hunt is not the answer…. Building great futureInvest today expect tomorrow

1. Look for like-minded people –unsatisfied/unsettled with the work they are doing and ready to escape. 2. Do the actual work to feel if it’s really what you want to do. Reading about something or watching others doing it will not be enough to give you the real feeling until you will do it yourself to know your real potential and to realize the suitability of the given work with what you want to do. 3. Build connections with the real people to create the real world you want to work in.

Myth #1: Early Success = Real Success Age is not the parameter to define your level of success. One can succeed in teenage while the other can build the whole empire after 60. You must have read that everyone has his own clock of life, one just needs to be committed and determined to make things happen at their own time. Myth #2: Classroom Success = Career Success Getting higher grades in the classroom is entirely different from getting success in practical life. Performing in the classroom and performing in real life are two aspects of success in life. Your classroom success is the initial and short-term period while your success in practical life is a long-term, never-ending passion with countless opportunities, failures & achievements. Around 80% of today’s huge world of IT is running by freelancers & individual experts with no CV to show because their work is the most authentic criteria to define their worth. Myth #3: Learning is Confined to Student Life Only Your life is increasing with every passing day. It means every day comes with a chance to live more, to grow more and to learn more. Learn every day to grow every day. Learning does not only make you reach a point you want to be at, but it also helps you to stay there with more strength, credibility and passion. Learning is a must-have to stay at the position you have reached and grow consistently to keep pace with the changing challenges.

Before founding ZSSRC and training people around the world, I was working with the world’s top health organizations including WHO & UNICEF. Apparently, it was great to work with the best organizations and helping people around the world with the best setup and resources but I was not happy inside. Create your own rules – Why I have found many limitations in my work. I knew I was able to do a lot more for the people looking for help from major organizations in the world. Set your mind to help others I was dreaming of making them independent instead of leveraging their dependencies for the whole life. I wanted to train them to live an independent life forever and do something for others too. People we helped used to wait for the next help until we meet them again and it was going on with no permanent change or betterment in their lives. World is Strange – How Every day I used to wake up with a heart determined to help people in a better way than before but I was not doing what I want to do and what I was able to do. Why your soul pressurizes youGreat minds small minds There were two clear options for me; one to continue working with the best setup and enjoy a peaceful life and the other was to leave everything and define my own way to help others (based on my innate abilities). It was not possible to do while working in that environment so I took a final decision of leaving that life behind and moving onto the direction of my own dreams. Successful People don’t wait for a lucky day I took my last salary and decided to open my own office. I rented out a small office and invested the 50% of whatever I had (small amount). I remember that only one person came to me during that first month of my startup. It was not easy to work in a small room and manage everything on my own after working in a well-reputed environment, but I was happy and hopeful. Inner satisfaction – A source of real happiness I knew it was the beginning of what I always wanted to do, so I worked harder and within a few months, people started recognizing my method and its effectiveness. My startup continued to grow with more people working with me and more coming to learn from me. Eventually, it has fully established as Zheel Sciences Studies & Research Center (ZSSRC), an organization training people from all walks of life, irrespective of their age, gender, education, skills, culture or creed and making them able to have a life they want for themselves and people they care for. My Life Changing CoursesHow to discover your true self More than 20 years have passed and I have seen many achievements and success along with unexpected hurdles & challenges but I am on my way and I know this is what I wanted to do always and will continue to do forever.

So if you also want to do what you love and want to succeed as well, start doing it now. Start doing something in the direction of your passion/quest now….even do something trivial but do, even you fail but do and keep doing until you find what you were destined for.

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