Our family trip to Williamsburg

Hey Fam! What a great time these last two months have found in our new home and our new life in Texas. With the madness of 2020, I feel like there is no place I would rather be with my sweet family. Baby # 2 is coming in less than 2 months (omg feels like tomorrow), and we’re so excited to see Teeny in action with her little sister! I’ve noticed this season that the pace of our lives is going to change in a few months, so we’re trying to soak up “Teeny Time” as much as possible. When Visit Williamsburg invited us to enjoy a family getaway in August for a fun trip to see the area, felt like it was a sweet answered prayer. We took a four day getaway (first time in months!) As a family and got to visit some of the amazing areas Stevie grew up visiting (her parents are from Virginia and Maryland).

We flew out a few days earlier to enjoy the beach, and it was so much fun to see Teeny light up for the ocean! I didn’t realize how much he missed it !!! My favorite part of the whole trip was when we visited all the attractions in Greater williamsburg. When we got to Kingsmill Resort, it was so peaceful with an amazing view of the water. We stayed in an apartment which looked like our little home away from home. It was amazing because it gave Teeny lots of room to breathe and run! It was also so close to everything we wanted to see, including all the sites and delicious restaurants we had planned for in our itinerary, and had amazing amenities, including a championship golf course (for Stevie) and a beautiful spa with amazing services (for me haha).

I loved walking through Jamestown Settlement and see the small houses that people lived in and walk around an old but beautiful church. Suddenly all the stories in American history came to life! It’s crazy to think this is where these early settlers lived, and it was mind-boggling to see the things that were preserved and left behind. Personally, I’ve never been to a place like this before, and for Stevie it had been years since he’d been there, so a lot had changed. There was so much to see and everything we did was family friendly which was perfect for Teeny who LIVES for a fortune telling (as you can see from all of these cute shots from our trip!).

Speaking of Teeny, her favorite activity was without a doubt the Pirate adventure sail we did it in Yorktown through Yorktown Sailing Charters. It’s a kid-friendly pirate cruise that lasts about an hour and a half! The crew members dress up as pirates and put on a fun little performance for the kids at sea. It was awesome!

On a totally random but not random note, I ate half my body weight in some of the BEST seafood I have ever eaten. YUMMMMY. My favorite restaurant we went to was Waypoint Seafood & Grill because it had a warm but family atmosphere, and the seafood was so fresh! I had the shrimp and scallops and Stevie had the plaice – we still share so we were both sneaking into each other’s food! There were honestly so many great local restaurants (loved the fun dinner we had at Revolution Golf & Grid because we got to play virtual golf (kid friendly!) and eat delicious bites while we played. We also visited the cutest antique store called Lightfoot Antique Mall & Country General Store. If you’re an antiques nerd like Stevie and I, you’ll love that they have over 35 vendors to choose from and so many cute knick-knacks! We ended up finding the cutest vintage candle holders (a set of 5) for $ 15 total! Goal!!!!

There was just something so special about this trip that brought our family together. I don’t know if it’s because soon we will be a family of 4 (5 if you count sweetheart !!), or the fact that this trip was enjoyed so much more as we haven’t traveled for so long . We really absorbed every minute. Stevie’s mom also came to help us with Teeny, so it was great to watch her and Nana in action and hear some funny stories from when she grew up in the area.

We can’t wait to go back. There is so much to see in the Greater Williamsburg area and it is continually expanding with new sites and attractions. It was easy for me (being 6 months pregnant at that time lol) and bringing a toddler with us who still talks about some of the things we have done and seen. Oh tiny <3

If you’re looking for recommendations, here’s a short list of our itinerary and everything we’ve done! If you are planning a trip to Greater williamsburg or looking for a fun family getaway, these places are must-see. Special thanks to Visit Williamsburg to help us plan our family vacations!


Kingsmill Resort & Spa


Berret’s Seafood Restaurant & Taphouse Grill

Mobjack Bay Coffee Roasters and Small Café

Yorktown Carrot Kitchens

Revolution Golf & Grid

Blue Talon Bistro

Gabriel Archer Tavern at Williamsburg Winery

Waypoint Seafood & Grill

Duck donuts

Dog tale


Pirate Adventure Sail in Yorktown

Charlie Antiques

Lightfoot Antique Mall & Country General Store

Williamsburg Colonial Tour

Jamestown Settlement

Visit the Museum of the American Revolution in Yorktown

Hope you enjoyed this little travel diary. I love you fam!

Thank you Visit Williamsburg for sponsoring this post 🙂


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