Maybe good news on climate change for once?

It’s not often these days that we hear good things about climate change and the issues we face, but there might be some encouraging news to share after all. Even if this last September has already been declared the hottest ever, none other than Professor Michael Mann came out with optimistic information. For those who don’t know, Dr Mann is one of the world’s leading climatologists and part of the team that created the famous ‘hockey stick’ model of carbon emissions which is still a reliable indicator of the impact of our human emissions on the planet.

Speaking in a recent round of US and UK media interviews, Professor Mann revealed a shift in climate scientists’ thinking that could indicate that we still have everything to play in tackling the crisis of the time. He first put an end to lingering doubts about whether scientists agree on global warming and climate change. As he explained succinctly: “There is about as much scientific consensus on human-caused climate change as there is on gravity.” However, he followed up with an even more surprising revelation.

There has been, he explained, a recent change in understanding on the part of climatologists who study our predicament, which gives hope that we may still have time to combat the worst effects of our carbon emissions. .

“Research over the past 10 years has, however, revised this view of the climate system. Scientists used to “treat the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as if it were just a push button that you go up” and temperatures rise as a result, “but in the real world we now know that’s not what’s happening, ”Mann said. Instead, if humans “stop emitting carbon now … the oceans start to absorb carbon faster.” The actual lag effect between CO shutdown2 emissions and stopping the temperature rise is therefore not 25 to 30 years but, according to Mann, “rather three to five years”.

Now Dr. Mann is known for his staunch opposition to the doomster view of the human condition, but even so This declaration is a real boost for those who are fighting to raise awareness and educate people that climate change can still be tackled. If this turns out to be valid, and there is no doubt that the theory is undergoing rigorous peer review as we speak, then that is fine. Well. news. Indeed. That doesn’t mean we can be complacent at all, but it is a beacon of hope in what has become a sea of ​​terrible news over the past few years. The interview segment in the United States can be found here and here is the interview with a companion in The Guardian newspaper .

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