5 Superstars Who Could be Traded this Offseason

All the offseason trades are made that rock the foundations of the NBA, whether it’s Anthony Davis and Paul George sent off to Los Angeles or the Rockets and Thunder trading star point guards, these trades happen every offseason, adding more. excitement as NBA stars hit the court in new uniforms. As the draft and free agency approach, changes could be made sooner rather than later, with most teams doing these trades looking for a new franchise mindset. Without a specific start date for the season, teams will look to take action early in the offseason in hopes of spending more time with their new franchise player. Teams like the Rockets, Clippers, 76ers, Wizards, Nets, Spurs, Trail Blazers and Bucks could all be involved in big trades after falling short of expectations in the bubble. Fans will be shocked for both good and bad reasons when their team changes direction. Which teams are looking for a new star? What teams are trying to demolish it? Everyone will have to decide as the NBA season approaches.

James Harden / Russell Westbrook

The Houston Rockets have failed in recent years, is this the year they inevitably call to quit James Harden? The answer to that question is most likely no, but it’s never out of the question, the Rockets are without youth or draft capital, leaving them in dire straits. Since Houston traded to James Harden in 2012, they have reached the conference final after falling to the Warriors twice. Harden turned 31 in August and is nearing the end of his prime. With the departure of general manager Daryl Morey, the Rockets could go in a different direction without James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Mike D’Antoni’s Rockets weren’t built for playoff success without a viable center. They have been dominated by players like Anthony Davis, and while they are effective offensively, their defense can get sloppy and slow. A rebuild is inevitable for Houston and a long playoff drought will develop in Houston unless management is confident their team can win the NBA Championship. They should give James Harden some serious thought before it is too late. With interest hovering around the NBA, a Westbrook trade could decide the fate of this franchise and trade it for another star or future assets will show where Houston’s thoughts are on Harden trading. The Rockets have announced they won’t be making a lot of moves this offseason, believing they are a championship contender, but with another underperforming season, Harden and Westbrooks’ value could decline, leaving Houston without young talent and draft picks. . While James Harden’s trading is tough, it’s a move the Rockets should consider.

Joël Embiid / Ben Simmons

It became evident that Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons have a hard time coexisting, and without any reliable 3-point jumpers, this blocks the way, causing offensive struggles. Without a reliable three-point shooter, the 76ers couldn’t kick off their first-round playoff offense against Boston. Embiid excelled the whole bubble but couldn’t seem to win due to a lack of support distribution when Simmons was injured. Philadelphia must decide which star they will keep and which one they will treat, as the top pick has not been locked down by Minnesota and the 76ers could acquire the draft capital. With Doc Rivers as the new head coach, expect a jump from forward Tobias Harris (Harris averages a career-high 20 points per game while being coached by Doc Rivers in Los Angeles). Another Philadelphia player should be looking to trade is Al Horford, who has been paid a lot of money for a very disappointing season. Horford was not the same player offensively or defensively he was in previous seasons in Boston. Philadelphia controls its own future if they fail to make moves, and they will fail again unless they commit. Their top priorities should be to build a team around Embiid or build around Simmons, everyone needs to shoot in order to be successful and something the 76ers don’t have. The acquisition of Buddy Heild and Lamelo Ball could contribute greatly to the overall success of the Embiids’ career as well as the success of the 76ers.

Chris Paul

Chris Paul had a decisive season in determining the player he would advance this season. Chris Paul drove the Thunder, at the 5e seed in a tough Western conference while also acting as a mentor to young guard Shai Gilgeous Alexander. Oklahoma City not only fought for the playoffs but also for the playoffs by putting up a 7 game fight against the Houston Rockets, until the last seconds of play to decide a winner. Chris Paul is averaging 17.6 points to go with 6.7 assists and 5 rebounds per game, and it’s no secret that the Thunder are buying Paul from his hard-contested season. Interested teams are contenders looking to add one more piece, and teams such as the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks have all been linked with a potential trade for the all-star point guard. A trade with the Lakers could make a big intriguing three and pairing Paul up with two of the NBA’s top players would be a perfect recipe for a repeat. The Thunder will be looking for young active people as they join an already strong young foundation. Paul is the player most likely to be treated on this list, judging by his situation in Oklahoma City, neither side is unhappy, and a mutual decision will be made until Chris Paul’s time as a member. of the Oklahoma City Thunder will soon end. .

Bradley Beal

Although the wizards had repeatedly said that Beal was not available, an exchange was still possible. Beal has told reporters in the past that he is happy in Washington and would rather stay than leave. In 2016, Bradley Beal signed a 5-year, $ 127 million contract, including a two-year extension of $ 72 million, making Beal one of the highest paid guards in all of the NBA, right there – high with teammate John Wall. After the Wizards extended Beal’s offer, bogus trades poured in. Teams looking to add points and make play will look to make a trade with the Wizards closer to the draft. Whether it’s the Warriors or the Nets to make a move for Beal, these teams are the notable leaders who could walk away with the 30-point-per-game scorer. While Beal and the Wizards seem happy with each other, a trade wouldn’t shock the NBA judging by the history and unpredictability of the players and general managers.

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