Messages that disappear in WhatsApp feature are now active for Indian users

The disappear messages feature is now active for Indian users. WhatsApp will delete these messages after a period of seven days.

Missing messages in WhatsApp

The popular messaging app, WhatsApp, recently introduced the “disappearing messages” feature. The same has now been made available to Indian users. WhatsApp will delete these messages after seven days. The new feature is present on all platforms like Android, iOS and KaiOS. Moreover, the manufacturers have brought this functionality even to the WhatsApp web.

WhatsApp had recently announced that this new feature would soon make its way to Indian users. And that would only happen this month. As we come to the end of the month, the functionality is here. This makes the new disappearing messages feature available to over 2 billion people. So how will the feature work for you and what are its benefits?

How to use the new feature

For individual chats, you can turn the feature on or off as shown in the image below. But you cannot control a group’s settings in such cases, just because you are not the administrator. For disappearing messages to work for a group, only the administrator has the right to do so. The process is pretty much the same here too.

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Messages that disappear

If you are not the administrator, of course, you will have no control over the disappearance of messages. And this is how you will see the difference. The image on the left shows the feature enabled as the right administrator. The second image does not allow editing, not being an administrator.

Benefits of the new functionality

First, as the name of the disappearing messages suggests, the messages will automatically “disappear” after seven days. This means that the messages will be automatically deleted. So you don’t need to go back to continue manually deleting old messages. This is definitely a time saver as deleting messages in buzzing groups can be a daunting task. Whatsapp has more details in their FAQ.

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Another plus is that it will also remove media, meaning your local storage won’t continue to pile up with unwanted images. Even after WhatsApp has been around for so many years, there are still people who keep sending “Hello” and “Good night” messages. And that can be quite irritating.

You just need to examine the messages that you don’t want to automatically delete. By default, if you enable the feature, it will delete all messages after this point. So, be careful with the messages you need to keep. Take a screenshot or make a copy of this particular post. In addition, once the function is activated, the effect starts. This means that even if you don’t open WhatsApp for seven days, the feature enabled will still delete messages.

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