The Zillennial Struggle – The Truth About the Suffering of the New Generation | by Amid Sedghi

If you are still hBefore reading this, you may already be familiar with the term Zillennial. The term Zillennial applies to those who are too young to be true millennials, but too old to be Gen Z. I’m not going to go into great detail on what constitutes a Millennial or Gen Z, you know if you fit in there or not.

Although I am a human being who believes in science and relies on it to make informed decisions, I am not going to give you statistics on what I am about to discuss with you. I will share with you my observations and what I know to be the struggle that we, the new generation, have to face and do not know how to overcome. You can read some predictions that you should think about.

While we’re thinking, have you thought about why some days you get tired of social media? You might even be completely fed up with your phone. I know you’ve thought about it. You know exactly what it is. You came across the message from Julia, your high school friend. She partnered with a big brand and shared a few Instagram stories, clearly labeled as a partnership ad.

“Who cares what Julia’s up to?” say to yourself as you throw your phone on your bed and move on with your day. Maybe Rob bought himself an apartment with a sick view. Sara got engaged. Sharon is now studying in Sweden. Ali got a new car and is now traveling with his new finance, Natalie.

Leave me alone.

I had enough.

Yeah me too! We say all of the above, but we’re back on our phones, repeating the same behavior again a week or two later. I know you are thinking “I watched The social dilemma will you repeat what I already know?

I am not repeating the truth. You already know your emotions are being hijacked by the big social media companies as they manipulate your addictive tendencies with their dopamine-inducing user experiences. But what happens next? This is my question. Have you noticed what drug addicts struggle with? Bad decisions.

Do you know what bad decisions lead to? Regret. Regret in anger. Anger at isolation. Isolation on disconnection. Disconnected, we feel resentful. And now imagine, a whole bunch of resentful people, even momentarily, they’re all dividing up.

It all started because Julia wanted to make a living and she created this image of herself on social media that makes her little money compared to what big companies do. It’s not Julia’s fault at all. It’s not your fault at all, either.

You are probably thinking that maybe this is the reason why I always think about quitting my job. Because I’m unhappy every day, sometimes I think it’s my job. Maybe if I quit my job I’ll be happier.

In fact, yes, you will be happier when you quit your job. But not because your environment makes you, but it’s actually your job.

The reason companies are allowed to create manipulative products is the same reason you are unhappy with your job. Believe it or not, our generation is different, so different from previous ones. We really care about social change. We care about mental health. We care about the quality of life. We avoid unhealthy foods. We have seen our grandparents, uncles and aunts suffer from cancer and we not only want to cure cancer, but more importantly prevent it.

The reason you want to quit is because you care. And your job doesn’t allow you to worry about it. This allows you to find a solution to increase the income of the business but the income of the business is not a measure of societal well-being. This brings me to the second Zillennial fight.

The above statement actually leads me to a prediction. Entrepreneurship and small businesses will increase indefinitely in the future. “Small Business Owner” will be the title of many of our friends and for that I am not only happy but also grateful because it will be the soldiers who are fighting in the wrong direction taken by capitalism.

Speaking of bad directions, let’s talk about education. Would you agree with me when I say that “higher education loses its reputation”?

I know you do. This is not because we have realized that education is no longer education but about getting into debt, but also because the ocean of information we all have allows us to do the work we do. wish. I will not discuss how the privilege of options has led to decision-making exhaustion among the new generation. I will discuss the fact that no matter what our education, we are doomed by automation.

Automation is amazing, why would this be our death? Well, it will be our death until the government finds a solution to provide universal income to those who will be unemployed or food stamps to those who will be unemployed. I think universal income looks a lot better.

Will the Zillennials be homeless? No, not all Zillennials will be homeless, but more homeless than the previous generation and not by a linear measure, but exponentially.

“Let them eat cake.” – says the robot maker.

My optimistic side says it won’t be as bad as I think it is. My pessimistic side says it can actually be worse. I think we will have government intervention in the area of ​​education or automation. As to which one will be reformed first, I don’t know.

I know we Zillennials are a resilient bunch. The reason we suffer so much is that we are actually more caring and caring than those who came before us. We have a voice and we are not afraid to use it.

I remain hopeful that we will be the ones to change our environment, the direction of capitalism and the reputation of education.

Until that bright day, the struggle will continue.

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