AOC U32U1 4K Monitor – First Look!

The AOC U32U1 is a 32 inch monitor ideally suited for video or image editing and multitasking.

We got our hands on this monitor and here is our first look after using it for a week. So it won’t be the full review. If you have any questions for the full exam, let them know in the video below!

The U32U1 has a terrible name, but a fantastic design. AOC has teamed up with Porsche for this and you can really see that it has gone really well. The foot on the screen is heavy, cool to the touch, and looks pretty. The bezels are small and the dock attached to the back is plastic, but it also looks aesthetic.

The screen is a 32-inch, super-wide, 4K IPS panel. The only downside is that you need enough space to put it somewhere in order to do it enough justice. The USB hub on the back is awesome. I just have to connect my Macbook Pro via USB-C, then I can connect my external hard drive to the display itself, without having to worry about the dongles for my Macbook Pro.

Check out our first full look in this video;

– vertical or horizontal
– you can adjust the height
– USB-C for Mac
– very nice clear 4K image
– great design
– the support is heavy and does not move
– the USB hub on the back is ideal for people who like to edit; you can connect an external reader to the screen for example

The inconvenients
– it’s so big you need space (don’t sit too close)
– the built-in speaker is not that good
– HDR could be a little better, because you lose a bit of color tone in some situations
– heavy (which is actually good)
– about $ 950
– only a 60Hz refresh rate, so not very good for video or animation, but hasn’t noticed any drawbacks yet
– no sd card reader

– It should be assembled, mine didn’t because it’s a review unit. It’s pretty simple to assemble, just slide the back on and screw on the stand.

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