Become emotionally limber through rewiring your brain.

Every time you pick something new, something different – you are leading your brain on a new path of discovery and creating new neurological connections. This isn’t fantasy, this is fact – when you do something new, you are teaching your brain “hey this is where I want to go,” you are stretching its abilities, you are showing it the response you prefer. The more you pick the positive, the stronger that connection becomes, until one day, it’s hard-wired to be your response.

To be loving, kind, understanding, and accepting in the face of negativity is the very thing which dissipates it. This is a pathway worth teaching to your brain, it’s worth practicing.

Anything you want to learn starts with a first step. So make today the day you promise to become more emotional flexible, to live your life more fully, and no longer be a captive to negative experiences.

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