An unfair advantage for HomeKit enthusiasts

The Logitech Circle View doorbell complements several Apple features such as privacy features and cross-platform limitations.

Logitech Circle View Doorbell

From disappointing beginnings to limited geographic availability, Apple’s HomeKit has several years of broken promises regarding a truly awesome video doorbell. Whether you have Google’s Nest, Amazon’s Ring, or any other doorbell company, there’s nothing that involves the skill required to work with Apple’s HomeKit platform.

Previously, HomeBridge was the only way to integrate unsupported devices into the Home app. However, like the truly impressive Logitech Circle View Doorbell came out last year, the whole Apple community went crazy for it. If you are reading this far, you are definitely all-in for this awesome gadget, and certainly a die-hard Apple fan. Logitech mentions a $ 199.99 purchase price on its American products at the time of writing this story.

With commendable Logitech camera technology and a clean design, this wired video doorbell can certainly help you keep pace with the Joneses. It delivers huge 1080p HDR video quality with 160 degree diagonal field of view and colorful night vision. The doorbell also has three main types of views for different applications.

Logitech Circle View Doorbell

Device Overview – What’s in it for You?

Logitech has an excellent reputation for creating easy-to-install gadgets for smart homes. In keeping with their old friendly tradition, the simplicity of adding the Ring Sight Doorbell to your smart home is unmatched. Although you still need to manage wires, the fact remains the same with all other doorbells available on the market.

Once you’ve unpacked your doorbell, you’ll need to plug it into a micro-USB cord for power. As soon as the NFC of your iPhone device finds and connects to the camera, an automatic setup process to connect the doorbell to the Wi-Fi network starts. It is interesting to see how the doorbell only works with the native version of the Apple Home app.

However, if you have a 5 GHz wireless network, you might experience minor issues. Iit could be because the gadget is designed to work efficiently with 2.4 GHz networks. Also, like any other smart doorbell, you need to set the Logitech Circle View DOorbell according to your preference. That would make it even more functional for you.

Doorbell Software – Why is it so Apple?

After setting up the home hub and getting an iCloud platform subscription, you can finally harness the capabilities of this doorbell. To be precise, you can monitor activities for certain triggers like ringing doorbell or motion detection. If you don’t have access to a hub, all you can do is live stream the doorbell stream.

Frankly, that doesn’t resonate with having a hub for storing and recording videos. It would have been better for a user to record and save videos directly from their iPhone. Also, when you want to broadcast your camera feed, you need to keep your hub on. It doesn’t seem like a problem at all. However, in the event that your hub runs out of battery, your doorbell will also stop working.

Speaking of the UI look of Apple, it’s almost the same as other doorbell interfaces. It’s also worth noting that the transition from events to events is quite intimidating. That is because you have to slide your finger over every movement or event you want to watch. It makes it pretty hard to catch the start of an event. BBut that doesn’t compromise on the sharing capabilities of Apple’s software.

Takeaway meals

The Logitech Circle View doorbell complements several Apple features such as privacy features and cross-platform limitations. It might make you wonder why the device doesn’t have an Apple logo. Other than that, the device is quite fast and provides a crisp and detailed view of your door.

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