Hull tech deal from Hull helps Yorkshire boost digital graphics as stats thrill Downing Street

An investment of £ 80million in Hull smart city pioneers Connexin has propelled the region’s burgeoning tech sector.

It contributed to a 79% increase in investment in Yorkshire in the calendar year, making the city a remarkable beneficiary.

A total of £ 159million has been attracted to White Rose County businesses, up from £ 89million in 2019.

The agreement obtained by the Hessle team with Whitehelm Capital back in September will help accelerate the deployment of digital infrastructure to enable the Internet of Things to thrive.

The Tech Nation annual report highlighted the investment as “a key example of how high growth companies in emerging technologies can boost investment in regional economies.”

Hull is also home to a rising star identified in Lucy blackley, the founder of Bombyx PLM, a C4Di-based ethical manufacturing support platform.

It comes as the UK ranks third in the world for attracting investment, behind the US and China, closing the gap with the Far East while accelerating against European competition.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “The UK maintains its lead as one of the world’s leading centers for technology of all kinds.

“While the real credit lies, as always, with the hard-working engineers and designers in laptops across the country, I am immensely proud to lead a government that is deeply committed to supporting the sector. We continue to invest in your success, and I hope the winning combination of British technology and this government will lead us to another record breaking year in 2021. “

Lucy Blackley, who runs Bombyx PLM at C4DI in Hull.

Net Zero is also high on the radar, with both the PM and tech investors, which should bode well for Humber’s advances as a whole as the energy estuary seeks world domination, with the government’s Green Infrastructure Bank at the head of Leeds.

Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden said: “With record levels of guaranteed investment and UK listings growing, this report shows the UK tech sector continues to grow, solidifying our position as one of the world’s leading technology hubs.

“We want to emerge a golden age of UK technology through a series of support and funding measures to help businesses thrive. This will help fuel a booming tech sector – creating jobs and improving services so we can build back better after the pandemic. “

The huge Connexin Agreement made Hull the sixth largest city in the UK. However, only £ 1.4million was surpassed by this investment, with a previous record in 2017 of £ 11.2million when it was the 14th highest city.

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