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* This post is part of a paid partnership with Hotter Shoes. Life has changed so much for all of us over the past year in so many ways including the time we have spent at home. We’ve had to adapt in so many ways and going back to normal at some point will be a little weird. When I got the hotter honey Slippers tried on a few weeks ago, they were actually the perfect addition to my wardrobe and my life. I only leave home for essential walks and errands so all of my outfits and activities have been indoors. Having comfy and super cute slippers was really heartwarming and I wore them for literally everything.

Today I thought I was talking about my cute Hotter slippers and some of the things I did while staying at home. Really, there was nothing exciting, just living everyday life with the whole family at home, but even though I had hardly anything to do, I was really, really busy!

Work – This year I spent a lot of time in my vintage selling business, wrote a bit more about everything I do this post. So most of the time I just put on something comfortable and keep going. Some days I put on one of my comfortable dresses, or most often leggings and jeans and of course my pretty slippers. My house is very windy and can be very cold, especially the floors, so the faux fur lined slippers kept my feet really comfortable.

I spend a lot of time doing odd jobs like fixing vintage clothes and writing descriptions for the things I sell, it takes a huge amount of time, so when I’m at home doing things I like to wear clothes comfortable and comfortable. I love that these slippers look a little more appealing than most and that they don’t look out of place with my favorite dresses. It’s nice to wear nice things even though they are practical and I don’t wear makeup and have messy bun hair. I feel a little more glamorous even without effort!

Parenting – It has certainly been a difficult year to be a parent. Whether it was home schooling, providing the kids with endless snacks, trying to think of things to do because let’s face it, they got seriously bored of their normal life, it has been busy!

Housework – Having four people in the house all day has certainly generated a lot of housework, laundry and cooking. I’ve spent a lot of time standing around the house, my Fitbit will attest to that! Fortunately, my slippers are perfect for moms who can’t find five minutes to stop and have walked me through many steps.

Take care of yourself – In those quiet times when everyone has been busy, busy or asleep, I have tried to prioritize some time for myself and have done a few things that feel good to me . Having a nice cup of herbal tea, a few of my favorite shocks, and reading my favorite books has been a great way to unwind. To keep warm, I took a nice bath, then wrapped myself in my favorite vintage cardigans, put on my slippers, and warmed up under a blanket for a little while.

Bedtime – To be honest, one of my favorite times of the day right now is bedtime. It was great going to my favorite pajamas, watching some TV with Rob and settling in for the night, especially when it was cold outside. With very little to do outside of the home, making anything extra special, including bedtime, is a great way to take care of yourself.

The Hotter Honey slippers are super soft and cozy and perfect to wear around the house. They are lined with cozy faux fur and are amazing to wear. I love the gold color that goes with everything, although they also come in a selection of other colors and to be honest I wouldn’t mind investing in the pink pair too much!

They stay great despite their slip-on style because there is so much fur, they hug your feet and feel really comfortable. The fur is so soft and snug and comfortable to wear. They also have a grippy rubber sole, which not only supports your feet but prevents you from slipping, which is great with our vinyl floors.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone who spends a lot of time at home or likes to wear cute slippers around the house. I’ve had a lot of Hotter shoes and they all last great, haven’t worn a pair yet and some of them have been around for years. I am always really impressed with the beautiful quality.

Fine the hottest honey slippers on the Hotter website. They are also currently on sale!

* This post is part of a paid partnership with Hotter Shoes and contains affiliate links, which means I get a small percentage of every sale. All opinions and comfortable feet are mine.

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