Eight Messi And Ronaldo Records That Will Never Be Broken –

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi may have told the world separately that they are not in competition with each other, but their fierce competition cannot be hidden on and off the playing field given that they have displayed captivatingly through their performances which created endless rivalry between them.

Additionally, the two have dominated the football scene for over a decade, scoring over a thousand goals between them – something never before happened in football history.

In his 30s, the competition gets more fierce with each season as Ronaldo continues to score and win in the series A with Juventus, while Messi, on the other hand, continues to put up massive screens for the Blaugrana. They have been doing this for over a decade now and in doing so they have set seemingly unassailable records.

Eight Messi and Ronaldo records that will never be broken

1. Longevity – 20+ league goals for 12 consecutive seasons (Ronaldo)

Crazy goalscorer, Ronaldo’s ability to score goals every season is the factor that sets him apart from his peers.

The Portuguese surpassed the 20-goal mark for the Italian SerieA in 2020-2021, which helped him set a new record by being the first player to score more than 20 league goals in 12 consecutive seasons.

In the meantime, it’s more ridiculous when all the competitions are included; it has been 16 consecutive seasons that he has scored at least 10 goals.

Even Lionel Messi found it extremely difficult to compete with this feat.

2. Ballon D’ors – Youngest player to win 4 Ballon D’ors (Messi)

Eight Messi and Ronaldo records that will never be broken

Obviously, this is a record beyond Ronaldo’s grasp, even with his hard work. Messi became the youngest player to win 4 Ballon D’ors in 2012.

Under the tutelage of Pep Guardiola, Messi was absolutely magnificent between 2009 and 2012; he won his fourth Ballon D’or at the age of 25 years, 6 months and 15 days.

So it is not only Ronaldo who will be unable to break this record, it is a more difficult challenge even for Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland.

3.91 goals – Most goals in a year (Messi)

Eight Messi and Ronaldo records that will never be broken

Leo Messi’s best individual year has been 2012, and it has been a year that Barcelona fans will love forever. Meanwhile, 2012 was also a year in which Ronaldo recorded his personal best in a single calendar year, scoring a staggering 71 goals.

However, it was Messi who broke the record number of goals scored in a year. The Argentine playmaker scored 91 goals between January 1 and December 31, 2021; shattering Gerd Muller’s record of 85 goals in the 1972-73 season. Muller scored 67 goals for Bayern Munich and 18 for West Germany that year.

Messi has scored 79 goals for Barcelona and 12 for Argentina – This performance by Ronaldo and Messi was surreal.

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4.50+ goals in 6 consecutive seasons (Ronaldo)

Eight Messi and Ronaldo records that will never be broken

Ronaldo is a very fantastic and consistent goalscorer; Juventus ace has decimated club and country defenses. He is so persistent in scoring goals that managers are unable to find a way to stop him.

He has scored over 50 goals in one season for 6 consecutive seasons (this was from 2010/2011 to 2015/2016).

The only player close to this unbeatable record is his longtime rival Lionel Messi, who has scored more goals in the past decade than CR7. However, he hasn’t been able to beat Ronaldo’s more than 50 goals throughout the past decade.

5. 60 goals – Consecutive seasons played with at least 60 goals (Messi)

Eight Messi and Ronaldo records that will never be broken

Lionel Andres Messi also knows how to score goals in abundance. He is the only player to score more than 60 goals in consecutive seasons.

Again, after Messi scored 73 goals for Barcelona in the 2011-2012 season, he scored 60 goals the following season. (2012-2013).

How tireless could Messi be? It will take an extraordinary player to beat this record!

6. Score 50 goals in three different leagues (Ronaldo)

Eight Messi and Ronaldo records that will never be broken

Cristiano Ronaldo continues to break records even at Juventus as he became the first player to score more than 50 goals in Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga and English. premier league.

He has scored 84 goals for Manchester United in the Premier League, 311 goals for Real Madrid and he is close to reaching a century of goals with Juventus. Her goals for the Old Ladies are 93.

7. Consistency – Successive number of games with a goal in the league (Messi)

Eight Messi and Ronaldo records that will never be broken

Lionel Messi has been astonishing in the 2012-2013 La Liga season, scoring in 21 games on the league rebound (33 goals in 21 La Liga matches).

Another record he also snatched from Gerd Muller who had held it since 1970. Muller has scored 22 goals in 16 straight matches for Bayern Munich.

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8. Top scorer in the UEFA Champions League for 6 consecutive seasons (Ronaldo)

Eight Messi and Ronaldo records that will never be broken

In total, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 134 goals in the UEFA Champions League, and he is also the competition’s top scorer.

His scoring record, especially in the round of 16 of football’s biggest club competition, is enough to intimidate the opponent he faces.

In addition, CR7 was able to be the top scorer for 6 consecutive seasons. The player who comes close to him is Lionel Messi who has been the top scorer in UCL 4 times in a row. Which of these records do you think will be easy to break for years to come? Or do you think there are more records that weren’t included in this piece?

Let’s know in the comment box.

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