Spring cleaning of the wardrobe: what to dispose of and what to keep

There’s nothing like a new season to inspire you to deep clean your wardrobe and purge it of any unwanted or unusable clothing occupying valuable real estate. After all, there is nothing better than a completely organized space where you can see everything you own at a glance without having to rummage through the piles of clothes you last wore in. 1998. I have already covered in depth how to clean your spring wardrobe and also how do i keep mine organized However, if you’re embarking on a big compensation spree, it’s worth knowing what to keep and what to put in the trash to make sure you end up with only the clothes that you’re likely to use a lot. And just think that once you’re done, you’ve freed up some essential space for any new purchase.

Stained / damaged / distorted clothing

Go over all the clothes you own (yes even socks and underwear) and put anything in bad shape. First of all, it means clothes with stains or tears that cannot be repaired and anything that is a little warped or stretched. It’s better to have a tight selection of clothes in perfect condition than a ton of clothes that are only partially usable.

“One day” clothing

I think most women have clothes of this category in their wardrobe. It could be the dress you hang on to when you lose a few pounds or the jeans you once loved but hope you can find fashionable again. Be brutally honest and ask yourself if you’re really going to wear them again. I bet most of the time the answer is no.

Everything you haven’t worn in a year

If you’ve survived an entire 365 days without wanting to take out a particular item of clothing once, chances are it is time to break up with that item of clothing. And you can tell you will swear to wear it someday, but the reality is that it will probably end up collecting dust in the back of your closet for another 365 days. Bite the bullet and put it in the trash or donate to charity

It belongs to the old you

As we age and move into new phases in our lives, our wardrobes can often be left behind. Whether it’s changing jobs for an entirely new industry where your costume collection just doesn’t work anymore or being a mom who lives in casual clothes but has a closet full of clothes not suitable for children. , it’s time to start dressing for the life you have. not the one you had. You will feel so much better looking in your closet with plenty of achievable everyday outfit options than feeling disheartened every morning that you have nothing to wear.

… And what you absolutely must keep

Hold on to classic pieces that are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. These are the clothes that will last you season after season and will stay with you long after the latest trend becomes a distant memory. I think there is 10 items every wardrobe needs but as a rule of thumb these things will not be dated and are worth hanging onto:

  • A crisp white shirt
  • A black or navy blue blazer
  • A trench coat
  • A leather jacket
  • A great pair of jeans that fits you perfectly
  • A little black dress
  • A striped t-shirt
  • One pair of leather pants / leggings
  • A quality winter coat in black, gray, navy blue or beige
  • A pair of black dress pants

If you are honest with yourself and are able to let go of what is not being used, I promise you that after that you will end up with a wardrobe that you are dying to wear. .and a valid excuse to shop for new additions!

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