Evanesto – from plastic pots to compost lots

There is simply too much plastic in the world. We are drowning in it. But an enterprising French company hopes to change all that with the invention of a compound called Evanesto. The enzyme-based material is added to conventional PLA plastic at the manufacturing stage, which then turns it into something that can be composted in under 200 days. Good compost. The company, called Carbiolice, says the enzymes can be used for all forms of plastic packaging, tableware, or other PLA products. And the breakdown occurs naturally, without any artificial stimulus.

In a test, they found that a PLA film with Evanesto included can break down in 143 days under “normal” household-type conditions. Of course, PLA, being plant-based, is biodegradable anyway, but this process speeds it up considerably. The big question is whether the cost of the process will be low enough to encourage widespread adoption by manufacturers. Hopefully this will be the case. [Via]

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