Fortnite star Mongraal laughs menacingly and has a breakdown after an unfortunate incident mid-game

Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson laughed menacingly after losing a game of Fortnite and it looks like he blew a fuse.

Mongraal was in a construction battle against another player; Nothing special. But, up to this point, he was already a little angry with the game. His comments seemed to indicate that he was not happy with his day.

After erecting a wall, he is shot at, causing him to lose. At that exact moment, Mongraal let out a laugh that sounded alarming, almost like Batman’s Joker. He could have been so exhausted he couldn’t take it anymore, but here is what he said:

“[laugh] He pulled me through my wall, was it just shit today [laugh]. This game is good this game is good, this game is good, yeah very good game, very good game, very good game, very good game, very good game. I love this game, this game is good. “

Mongraal may have known the dangers of competitive ping. The lower the ping, the faster the entries are sent to the server and vice versa. Whoever receives the information first on the server is put first.

As a result, the enemy player’s shot may have been received by the server before Mongraal entered the wall construction. It would make the weapon look like it was firing through walls. Either way, Mongraal’s menacing laughter is hard to forget, and it’s obvious he needs a break.

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This is just one of the many horrible things that have happened to Mongraal in Fortnite.

The name Mongraal was well known in all pro Fortnite circles. A competitive Fortnite player for years, he was known as one of the best in the world. Lately he hasn’t been very lucky.

Trying to qualify for the FNCS he missed the mark with a disconnect, and that too when he was literally at one point in qualifying. While he is training he is obviously extremely frustrated, and things like this don’t help.

Hopefully, things start to change quickly for Mongraal and he finds himself at the top of the Fortnite leaderboard again in the near future.

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Posted on March 26, 2021 at 12:19 AM IST

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