NBA Stars And Their Religions –

It is a known fact that there are several religions in the world; as such, each occupant of the face of the earth is believed to have their respective religion.

Meanwhile, due to the glamor and fame of sports superstars, lovers and followers of these sportsmen tend to ignore the fact that there is a place for religion even in the sports space.

For example, in 2020, when the Orlando Magic forward (Jonathan Isaac) refused to kneel down for the national anthem or wear a Black Lives Matter t-shirt over his jersey during an NBA ranking game against Brooklyn Nets, he was thrown into the global spotlight.

He subsequently rose to popularity, claiming that kneeling down or putting on a t-shirt is not the answer. His words: “I don’t think kneeling down or putting on a T-shirt for myself, personally, is the answer, I feel that for me black lives are supported by the gospel.” All lives are supported by the gospel. “

As expected, critics followed his stance in the game against brooklyn nets and the interview he gave after the game, but the majority members of the NBA fraternity cheered and stood by the American’s side. But Isaac was little unaware that he had set an example worthy of being emulated by his faith.

NBA stars and their religions

Hakeem Olajuwon – Retired (Muslim)

The retired Nigerian-American NBA legend was a famous unruly gossip when he was a player. He has had numerous fights with players and officials as well as several fouls during his colorful 18-year career.
But later in his career, The 12-time NBA All-Star developed a keen interest in spirituality and became a staunch Muslim. Olajuwon changed the spelling of his name from Akeem to the more conventional spelling of Hakeem, saying he corrected it.

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Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors (Christian)

NBA stars and their religions
“Chief” is probably the most outspoken and established believer of Christ on this list. There have been instances where Curry pointed to Christ in Heaven during interviews and also did so on the basketball court.

Curry once said that “Every game is an opportunity to be on a big stage and be a witness for Christ. When I speak, people need to know who I represent, who I believe in. “

NBA stars and their religions
The 33-year-old who shares the word of God with his teammates has revealed that he points to God to remember that he is playing for him and that he slaps his chest to represent that his heart belongs to God.

Kenneth Faried – Zhejiang Lions (Muslim)

NBA stars and their religions

Faried’s father was a Muslim, while his mother was a Christian when he was born, which gave him the chance to learn the doctrines of both religions from the cradle.

At age 8, the former Denver Nuggets, Brooklyn Nets and Houston Rockets man fell in immeasurable love for the Hold Quran which he said taught him to “ live properly, healthily and intelligently to praise d ‘Allah Almighty’.

Lebron James – Los Angeles Lakers (Christian)

NBA stars and their religions

Here is one of the greatest players of the game “Slam N Dunk”, Lebron Raymone James. He grew up learning the Holy Bible which has greatly helped his Christian faith. James

And after growing up, Lebron has over time emphasized and showcased his belief and faith in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ at court, in interviews and on social media.

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Kevin Durant – Brooklyn Nets (Christian)

NBA stars and their religions

Durant is a faithful and humble ardent believer in Jesus Christ. “The Bible motivates me at the same time and allows me to play my best”

He grew up in a Christian home, raised by a single mother but was unable to attend college and high school regularly.

Upon arriving in Oklahoma City Thunder, he became friends with Kevin Ollie who encouraged him to attend chapel services and not be afraid or ashamed of his faith in the Lord. Since then, Duran has never looked back in his faith; he now preaches the gospel with almost everyone he meets

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