Narayan joins SF Chronicle race and equity team

Shwanika Narayan

San Francisco Chronicle Business Journalist Shwanika Narayan joined its race and equity team.

It will cover various issues, but will focus on discrimination in the workplace, income inequality and poverty.

Narayan joined The Chronicle in January 2019 to cover retail and logistics.

She was previously a freelance producer / video journalist at AJ +, Al Jazeera’s digital vertical, where she created daily news videos. Previously, she was a freelance worker for NBC News, Quartz and Hyphen magazine, which writes primarily about Asian American identity.

The Chronicle business desk no longer exists, but commercial coverage is still ongoing with the creation of new teams. The culture bureau and most of the economic news bureau merged to create the transformation and technology team.

Commercial coverage is now spread over this team, as well as the Race and Equity, Metro and Climate Change offices (mainly PG&E coverage).

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