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Talk about the ironic aspect of football, it is extremely rare for professional footballers to publicly admit that they are not a fan of the sport that brings them millions of money, many of whom really strive and hope they could become superstars. Game.

It portrays a cruel judgment of fate as there are footballers who don’t like the game of round leather as much as those who follow it with keen interest.

Here are some famous professional footballers.

Gareth Bale (Tottenham Hotspur and Wales)

Bale doesn’t like football; or quite simply, it prioritizes other things – golf primarily.

There have been several occasions where Real Madrid were preparing for a crucial game but Bale will find himself playing golf.

In August 2020, with Real Madrid set to play the second leg of their Champions League round of 16 against Manchester City, Bale preferred to bail himself out of the squad to go play golf while his teammates were getting ready for the game.

“He prefers not to play, nothing more, and the rest is between him and me,” Zinedine Zidane revealed at a press conference in 2020.

The Spurs winger has freely admitted that he prefers to watch golf than football and that he has a bespoke three-hole course in his back garden.

Sylvain Distin (France) – Retired

Hilarious: Professional footballers who don't like football

The former France international has been a crafty center-back during his days, notably at Manchester City and Everton. But he is not a big fan of the round leather game despite a glorious career in the sport.

Distin never cared about what goes on in the football world and after claiming he knew next to nothing about the game he was sidelined by The Sun in the UK.

“What is the name of the Stoke City stadium?” – “I do not know.”

“Name a Watford player” – “I don’t know anyone”

“What is the name of Stoke’s stadium?” – “I do not know.”
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Dani Alves (Sao Paulo and Brazil)

Hilarious: Professional footballers who don't like football

Alves is the player with the most trophies in football history having won 40 trophies in his professional career, but his love for the game in which he has won more trophies than Ronaldo and Messi is minimal.

“I hate everything that surrounds football. I live in this world but I am not a part of it. “

“When I stop playing football, I’ll take my backpack and travel the world.” – Dani Alves, Globo, 2005.

Carlos Tevez (Argentina and Boca Juniors)

Hilarious: Professional footballers who don't like football

At the end of the day, Gareth Bale isn’t the only golf enthusiast. For Tevez, football was just a way out of trouble.

He once said: “I don’t like football, if you play in Barcelona against Real Madrid and there is a golf tournament on another channel, I will watch Golf.”

“I’ve never been a fan of watching the games. I just like to play, to have the ball between my feet.

Tevez might be a tough striker to face, but he’s always admitted he’s only obsessed with football.

Carlos Vela (Mexico and Los Angeles FC)

Here is another Carlos who doesn’t like football, or at least, who only likes to play it. “Between a movie and a football game in the evening, I choose to watch the movie.”

“The NBA is the only sport I watch on TV. In fact, I don’t like what surrounds football in general.

Christian Vieri (Italy) – Retired

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Vieri in his youth loved cricket in his youth and he certainly would have preferred life on the cricket pitch as a bowler.

The Italian legend revealed shortly before Italy’s quarter-final match against France in 1998, when a French journalist asked him who his childhood hero was, Vieri gave a quick but shocking answer and said “Allan Border”.

He later revealed in 2003 “I wish I had been a cricketer”,

“I would stop playing now to play cricket if I could get the same contract.”

Alphonse Areola (France and Fulham)

The French goalkeeper is currently on loan from PSG and is not at all a football fan, his wife follows football more than him.

“My wife knows more about football scores than I do. When I leave training, you can talk to me about football: I don’t know anything, I often fell asleep watching matches too ”
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Benoit Assou-Ekotto (Cameroon) – Retired

Hilarious: Professional footballers who don't like football

For the former Tottenham left-back, football was “just a job”. When he played for Spurs in 2010, he wasn’t bothered by the glitz and glamor of top football.

“Football has never interested me. It’s just my job, I do it to make money like any other person on earth. The Guardian, 2010.

Remember Balotelli once said (in 2012) that he doesn’t celebrate after scoring because it’s his job? he is not the only player to consider football as a job.

Dario Benedetto (Argentina and Olympique de Marseille)

Hilarious: Professional footballers who don't like football

Just like the other players on this list, football has been a job for Benedetto, he doesn’t like football, it’s his job and nothing more.

“There are a lot of players that I don’t know because I don’t watch any game. I do not like it.

“When I talk about football with my friends, I sometimes wonder what they are talking about. The only team I watch is Boca Juniors, but I watch them more because I’m a Boca fanatic than because of the game. Provence, 2019.

Benedetto has individually claimed that he is neither a fan nor a footballer nor sitting down to watch him even though it’s Real Madrid against Barcelona.

Vincent Enyeama (Nigeria) – Retired

Hilarious: Professional footballers who don't like football

The former Lille goalkeeper does not like football and he did not hide it in 2014 in an interview.

“To tell you the truth, I’m not that much of a football fan. It’s my job, but I’m not asked to like it. Now retired, he has become a goalkeeper coach for a U-16 youth team in northern France.

Again, this is just his job!

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