Is The Electronic Era Of Motorsport Going To Overtake Formula One?

The world is changing and getting greener, motorsport was no exception. During the last decade Formula One changed his cars. It has been for many reasons, but being greener is definitely catching on. In 2014, the iconic V10 engines were deemed too powerful and too expensive and, as a result, the FIA wanted to reduce to a V8 engine.

Then in 2014, the engines became turbocharged. The motorsport industry releases harmful CO2 emissions that contribute to climate change. The emergence of green motorsport has only emerged in recent years. Formula E has grown into an established motorsport which is covered by reputable news sources. Since 2014, green sport has received the support of many drivers from reputable driving backgrounds. He has seen older talents like Filipe Massa compete as well as former F1 drivers like Stoffel Vandoorne.

Formula 1 is one of the biggest sports of the first world race in 1950. The circus that is F1 travels around the world and attracts millions of viewers with every race. He has produced some of the most important and iconic athletic talent in history. These sports icons include Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Ayton Senna and Niki Lauda. The list is endless and everyone has a different opinion. Is the sport so big that it can never be replaced by a new series with less history?

This sport has such a great influence and can shape the opinion of viewers around the world. The following and the love mean that F1 is more than just a sport for many people. Lando Norris, Charles Leclerc, Alex Albon and George Russell continued to entertain themselves during the lockdown. For the first time in sport, could viewers really get to know athletes outside of their sport? This brought many viewers into contractions who ended up following the sport and realizing that it’s not just cars driving around on a track.

Various sports programs have won viewers which have cemented the sport in the lives of so many people. Last season, F1 averaged 87.4 million per race. However, it could have been more if races had been held in Australia, Vietnam and Singapore, where the time difference meant few people could watch it live. When it comes to replacing sport with Formula E, it will be a tough mountain to overcome. The sport over time has produced an existing race that does not make two identical races.

Politics in sports keeps people on fire and guessing who will go where. The drama surrounding it creates an atmosphere of encapsulation that prevents people from straying from the sport. F1 is not a particularly aggressive sport, which means that everyone can get involved in one way or another. Last season, Covid 19 had a huge effect on the sport. However, for people who are watching sports for the first time, it is one of the most exciting in history.

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The season saw an iconic Schumacher name tease a comeback in the sport. (Mick is now at Haas). He also saw Hulkenberg come back twice! Fans also saw the drama at Mercedes with George running with them once and Pietro Fittipaldi. His name will have brought some people back to the sport because the name is that of double F1 champion Emerson Fittipaldi.

It proves that F1 has a rich history that never ceases to give. The sport because it has fast action, not only on the track but also off the track. Logistics in sport means it’s like a CO2 volcano. There is a lot of equipment to be transported around the world which is extremely expensive and terrible for the environment. F1 has tried to minimize logistics costs and therefore reduce its effect on the climate. Almost all of the teams except Haas, Ferrari, Alphatauri and Alpha Romeo are not based in the UK. However, Haas has a smaller base in Oxford to allow for cheaper logistics.

Formula E is a fairly new sport that started in 2014 and has attracted a growing number of drivers. In the past, big names in F1 have participated in green sport. Former Ferrari driver Felipe Massa has competed until the new season this year. Former F1 driver Stoffel Vandoorne competes alongside Susie Wolff, married to Toto Wolff. Susie Wolff was an active British racing driver from 2006 to 2012.

She received an MBE for her services to women in sport. As Formula E is fairly new, it has the ability to change the way it operates before the sport gets in its way. It could be argued that F1 needs to get in its way in some areas that have limited how much it can change for the future. The opportunity continues to grow in Formula E and will not have to comply with regulations that will undoubtedly come by 2050.

This sport is made for the future, but because of that, it’s not the most exciting to watch right now. Formula E works as technology advances, unlike F1 where it’s now more about downforce and grip than battery longevity and capabilities. On average, an F1 car can reach around 230 mph compared to around 170 mph for a Formula E. This will only get better as the technology advances. Toto Wolff also wants Formula E to become a support race for F1.

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This would undoubtedly mean that recognition and reputation would increase if this happened. F1 spends a lot of time making sport fairer. While Formula E seeks to progress in any way possible. The sport grows every year, which makes it unpredictable what the cars will be like. The cars themselves can vary in differentiation, which doesn’t make any team completely dominant like in F1.

However, he doesn’t have any iconic characters or big team names. The tracks also seem temporary and are more like Monaco in the sense that overtaking can be difficult. However, as mentioned before, the sport is still developing and there is no reason that one day it cannot try real tracks. Formula E has proven to be more popular with people under the age of 35 and, therefore, looks positive as it has grown over the next decade.

Audience figures have increased since its launch. It is different from any other sport because it has more interaction with the fans as well as boost zones which are located out of the race line in certain corners. It makes the race interesting and makes the peloton pretty even. It brings out the riders’ ability to race for points rather than relying on the car.

The emergence of electric motorsport has also been demonstrated in the new sport Extreme E.

Extreme E is a green rally series that runs in areas affected by climate change. These places include places like desert, rainforest, and ice. The sport has attracted some very big names in motorsport such as Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Jensen Button and the Sainz.

Great American motorsport teams like Andretti and Chip Ganassi. All the teams involved in the green rally like the series come from reputable backgrounds and have the ability to spread the message of a better and greener future. Sport is made for the future of greener motorsport as all the teams travel together on a boat and the drivers learn how climate change has affected where they race.

Overall, the electric era of motorsport will develop as the world seeks to become greener. F1 will be criticized for its immense level of CO2. Sport has carried many important messages such as LGBTQ + and Black Lives and to Get Rid of Racism. Sport has used its size to deliver important messages and therefore proves it is more than just sport. sooner or later it will have to align itself with a greener society. This will be one of the most important things the sport has to adapt to and will it?

However, it could destroy the legacy of F1, but over time the sport has seen many changes in the shape of the car, the names of the teams and much more. F1 is so successful that its legacy or its place in the sport will never be replaced as it is almost impossible.

The electric series will undoubtedly continue to develop, but the electric series is not the same as F1 and sport and cannot really be tossed in the same basket. Electric series may grow faster than F1 with the arrival of the new generation of fans, but it will be difficult to get past 70 years of history. Therefore, most likely will shine in different shows, that is, in different sports.

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