Jaron Ennis knocks out Sergey Lipinets in style

Jaron Ennis continues his rise in welterweight ranks as he retires and stops former world champion Lipinets

JARON ENNIS eliminated Sergey Lipinets to continue his rise in the welterweight rankings. He stopped the former 140 lb world champion in six innings at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville on Saturday April 10.

Lipinets stood nearby to connect with hooks. But Ennis was dangerous on the inside too, ripping his uppercut and whipping a hook to the head. An uppercut dropped Lipinets in the fourth round and Ennish forced him back in the fifth, only for a shot below the belt to force “Boots” to back down.

In the sixth round, on the left-handed side, a right hook injured Lipinets, setting up a left that blew up the Russian to end the fight at 2-11.

He secured Ennis’ most significant 27-0 (25) career victory in a certain style.

“I’ll always be hard on myself when I look back on my performance,” Ennis said. “My goal is to keep getting better, sharper, faster and stronger so that I can become world champion. As long as I keep fighting the best, I’m happy. I feel like I’ll be world champion by the end of this year or early next year. Patience is the key though.

“Lipinets has been there with the best before so I wasn’t surprised that he held up for a while,” he added. “I knew it would be sustainable. That’s why I didn’t jump on the accelerator right away. I just took my time and broke it.

“I think I graduated tonight… It’s booming now. It’s about bigger and better fights now.

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