7 patio upgrades to do before summer hits

During the last years, more Americans than ever make the most of the warm weather and take advantage of their outdoor spaces.

The patio, in particular, has become a popular meeting place for friends and families. So how can we make the most of this adaptable and welcoming space in our backyards?

There are many types of patio upgrades you can add to your own to enhance your outdoor experience. Let’s take a look at some fantastic patio renovations you could install before the warm weather arrives and make this summer the best yet.

  1. Install a fireplace

If you want those long summer nights to last until dawn, now is the time to put a fire pit in your backyard and upgrade your patio.

It will also extend the use of your patio well beyond the summer months, as you can warm up in the cooler seasons and grill s’mores. If you’ve been enjoying your patio during the day, once the nighttime temperatures start to drop, light the pit and keep yourself and your guests very comfortable.

Make sure to set up your fireplace in your patio using bricks that will offset against your patio slabs for a super stylish look.

  1. Building a pizza oven

Take your outdoor kitchen to the next level by adding a natural wood-fired pizza oven to your list of outdoor home upgrades.

These ovens create a lot of heat, so outside on the patio is the best place to install one. It also goes well with a gas grill to create fantastic outdoor feasts. Wood-fired pizza ovens can cook delicious pizza to perfection in under ten minutes.

They also look fabulous and will make a great talking point for your patio dinners.

  1. Replace your patio doors

There is no sense in having an amazing looking patio without a grand entrance leading to it. If you’ve upgraded your patio, maybe now is the time to replace your patio doors?

Renewal with Andersen patio doors offers a fantastic range of great working entryways that will make your home look stunning and really add value to your patio.

Whether you want a contemporary style or a more classic French door look, they have the perfect set for your outdoor space. Sliding or folding, these doors are strong and secure, and they will withstand the elements with ease, whatever the climate.

  1. Add backyard lighting

Adding lighting to your outdoor space can create the most charming atmosphere in any yard.

LED lights are very efficient and will cost you less than your average incandescent bulb, using 75% less energy and lasts up to 25 times longer.

There are many outdoor lights among those that twinkle like stars or large bare bulbs. Attach lights to your trees, around your stairs, or hang them along sidewalks to highlight the path.

This is a great patio renovation that looks great and won’t cost you the earth.

  1. Add an external audio system

Why only enjoy your music indoors when it is perfectly possible these days to take your speakers outside and party in the garden.

Whether you want to enjoy your favorite tunes, listen to podcasts while you garden, or follow the game while you workout, a wireless garden speaker can bring you the sounds.

You can buy natural wood enclosures that blend right into your garden decor. They are waterproof and will withstand the elements. Some can even be built in faux stones or statues to further disguise their presence.

They are wireless and Bluetooth so your mobile devices can control them. They require minimal wiring except for a power source, but some can even avoid that with a solar panel.

  1. Building a pergola

If you are looking for a larger patio landscaping project and really want to maximize the use of your outdoor space, consider building a pergola.

A pergola adds a touch of class and shade to any patio space. Not only will they look graceful and stylish, but they will also allow you to install hanging items such as a cooling hammock to soak up the afternoon sun.

You can also use a pergola frame to grow creeping plants or set up a vertical garden that will look great and smell great when you sit underneath.

They make great privacy screens for those who prefer to keep their time in the garden a bit more out of the way of neighboring prying eyes.

  1. Build a bar

You have the music, the lights, the shade and the hearth; now all your patio remodeling needs are one bar to make the perfect outdoor space.

Whether you’re sharing a refreshing beer with the boys or a delicious glass of something bubbly with the girls, it’s great to have the drinks on hand without making a trip home each time.

Plus, someone can unleash their indoor Tom Cruise in the garden and practice those bottle tricks without worrying about spilling everything on the kitchen floor.

Building a bar is relatively easy and can be a great outdoor carpentry project for anyone who likes to get crafty. If you prefer the easy life, there are still plenty of pre-built options to choose from at your home goods store.

Add in a cooler or beer fridge for the perfect outdoor refreshment that will make your patio the perfect spot this summer.

Enjoy summer with these awesome patio upgrades

With summer approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what patio upgrades will work best for your garden. Hope this article has given you great inspiration for patio remodeling projects to enhance your outdoor space.

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