You Won’t Believe What This MLB Umpire Just Won

You won’t believe what this MLB umpire just won | Sports Takes & News |

Major League Baseball is full of umpires who have convinced themselves fans come to baseball games to watch them call balls and strikes or signal safely or away. One of those referees, the infamous Joe West, disliked a story told about him by a former player, went to court and got half a million dollars. This story tells you everything you need to know about how umpires are ruining Major League Baseball and why Joe West and many others need to be fired!

The New York State Supreme Court was in turmoil on Monday when a ruling was released in the case of Major League Baseball umpire Joe West and former MLB player Paul Lo Duca. In the lawsuit, West claimed his reputation was forever marred by the longtime catcher’s comments in an interview.

The comments, according to West, would have painted the referee over four decades with the same brush as “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, Pete Rose and Barry Bonds, the brush of a cheater.

In the May 2019 interview, Paul Lo Duca repeated a story told to him by former close friend Billy Wagner, which claimed that Joe West would borrow something from Wagner whenever he was in town. As a result, as Lo Duca recounts, “whenever (West came) into town (Wagner loaned him) (his) Chevy 57 so he could drive it, then he opens the strike zone for (Wagner).

At the heart of West’s case was the fact that a former player and agent questioned his integrity and character so much that he would be unable to (Get This) make the Baseball Hall of Fame. As a result, the umpire filed a lawsuit in October 2019 and won over $ 500,000 earlier this week.

It’s the height of pride for Joe West or any umpire to think they deserve the Hall of Fame election. For Joe West, taking that and using it as the basis of a legal argument is bad enough; but not as bad as any court buying the argument and awarding half a million dollars as a result.

West, who is well known as one of the Majors’ most egocentric and important referees, is perfect for such a trial as I’m sure he should be registered with Cooperstown already, and those who vote for such an honor . just waiting for him to hang up his ball / strike counter.

If Joe West is in such a rush to get his Hall of Fame bust displayed, the first thing he needs to do is do the baseball fans a favor and quit his day job.

Like now!

West has been a black eye on Major League Baseball on more than one occasion, and it’s just another time that the referee has drawn the wrong kind of attention to himself and the game. Then again Joe West wouldn’t want it any other way, which is why he must be removed from his post. Because no one is taller than any sport including referees who only get noticed for all the wrong reasons just as they are being noticed now. It’s proof that Major League Baseball is at the mercy of its umpires, and why people who think like Joe West believe they’re Hall of Fame members, because they’re untouchable, and now a court has upheld this belief.


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You won’t believe what this MLB umpire just won |

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