All the Vikings News: April 15

The following is free agency news applicable to the Minnesota Vikings on April 15, 2021 – via tweet.


The former Viking – who teased the MIN reunion – joins ATL.

What would have been a cheap RDE option for the Vikings – lands in SEA.

Spencer loves Darrisaw, who will likely be available for Vikings at # 14.

Favre wants politics outside of sport.

Learn about the nasal patch routine.

And he likes MIN, obviously.

Braun’s order of QB realism based on who he likes.

Mac doesn’t equal Kirk, Luke said.

8.5 wins seem to be the threshold.

This strength disqualify a Griffen meeting but not totally.

Ahh, yes. the garbage time story.

Forbes dribbled the Vikings name in his business thoughts.


A skol pedigree?

Hey! Another day – another rumor from Orlando Brown.

No interest in Aldon from your favorite team.

No schedule for a while.


No to Phillips, said a man.

A fantastic football head with this treat from Dalvin.

Betting partnerships.

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