IoT News – Sierra Wireless Launches Acculink Cargo, a New Managed IoT Solution for Asset Tracking

Acculink Cargo offers visibility that is easy to deploy in near real time, global follow-up and an exception-based monitoring solution for high value and sensitive assets to serve the global $ 30 billion asset tracking market.

Sierra Wireless, the world’s leading provider of IoT solutions, today launched Acculink Cargo, a new managed IoT solution that businesses can quickly deploy to track the location and condition of sensitive and high-value assets.

Delivered as a service for a single monthly subscription, Acculink Cargo leverages Sierra Wireless’ unique expertise in IoT devices, global connectivity, and the cloud to provide a single solution that businesses can use to monitor near-state health. – real-time assets all over the world, as they move through their supply chains.

A large and growing market

Asset tracking and other supply chain visibility solutions constitute a large and rapidly growing market. In a recent report, Mordor Intelligence valued the asset tracking market at $ 17.14 billion in 2020 and expects this market to reach $ 34.82 billion by 2026, at a growth rate annual compound of 13.45%. As the report notes, the boom in e-commerce has increased the need for businesses to track their assets.

Acculink Cargo enables electronics manufacturers, cold chain carriers, general cargo carriers, food and product shippers, and third-party logistics companies to gain visibility into the supply chain they need to avoid shipping delays, minimize downtime, prevent theft and remedy may result in property damage. In addition to tracking the location of these assets, Acculink Cargo can also alert customers if an asset is exposed to light, changes in temperature, humidity, shock, or other conditions that could spoil or damage it. ‘to damage.

A simple, flexible and powerful solution for asset tracking

Drawing on more than two decades of experience in the IoT market, Sierra Wireless has designed Acculink Cargo to address the three key needs faced by businesses looking to track sensitive and high-value assets – visibility into real-time, product-level tracking and exception technology-based monitoring.

In addition, Acculink Cargo benefits from these other advantages:

  • Rapid deployment: Acculink Cargo fully integrates edge devices, global network connectivity and a cloud-based application, supporting rapid deployment in as little as 30 days, with minimal start-up costs.
  • Very precise tracking: Using LTE cellular wireless networks in combination with GPS data allows customers to locate their assets.
  • Flexibility / ease of use: The cloud-based application has a simple and intuitive user interface with customizable dashboards and configurable alerts.
  • Configurable location and status reports: Users can configure specific geolocation, light, temperature, humidity and shock conditions that they wish to monitor for each shipment. Users can also adjust when the data on these conditions is updated, which allows them to extend the battery life of their peripheral devices.
  • Valuable ideas: Users can analyze real-time and historical shipping data to discover trends and other information that can help them make better business decisions.

Rupal Nanavati, vice president and general manager of IoT applications, Sierra Wireless, said:

“When it comes to high-value and sensitive assets, companies no longer want to simply track their location as they navigate their supply chains. Today, they expect to be able to monitor the condition of these assets in near real time as well. Acculink Cargo addresses these needs, with a fully integrated, easy-to-deploy managed solution from the global leader in IoT. “

Pricing and availability

Acculink Cargo is sold as a service, which reduces the upfront investment for customers, while also allowing them to easily scale the solution as their business needs change. Customers have the option to purchase devices in advance and only pay for connectivity and app on a subscription basis. They can also sign up for a full managed IoT service, with a single monthly fee covering devices, network, and application access.

Acculink Cargo is currently available to customers across North America. Sierra Wireless plans to expand the availability of the solution to other regions in the future.

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