Sydney Roosters halfback Sam Walker needs long-term deal

The future is bright for the non-contract recruit Sam walker, and two of the biggest in the game think roosters should already be preparing to build their long-term plans around it.

“Right now? Five years,” Brad Fittler told Wide World of Sports’ Freddy and the eighth when asked what sort of contract extension the Roosters should offer Walker.

“Aside from an injury, he’s just going to be there. You can just tell. Do not be scared.

In 2019, the Roosters took custody of the Broncos and cheated Rugby Australia’s interest in luring the teenager to Bondi, with a contract expiring at the end of this season.

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But Fittler and Andrew Johns give the other clubs very little chance to rush to poach Walker now.

“He’s in a great system, a well-trained club, a club that looks after him, great players around him, a great pack of attackers – let him stay there,” Johns said.

“He will undoubtedly make his money in the next few years, but initially without taking the piss requiring 900k or a million dollars.”

Johns said it made sense, especially considering the lack of quality running backs in the NRL right now.

“The half-backed tree, the Lorax (a character in Dr. Seuss) cut it,” he says.

The Immortal was flabbergasted that the Broncos had allowed Walker, who attended high school in Ipswich, to squeeze through their net.

“His dad, his two uncles played for Brisbane. Why, how does he play for the Roosters? You can see them when they’re 12, 13, 14, the great backs in particular,” Johns said.

“They should have left ‘you play for us – Brisbane”.

While Johns sees the Roosters as big favorites to retain Walker’s services, he doesn’t rule out a Red Hill raid for the young gun.

“Brisbane could be very important to him, given that they are talking about [Tom] Dearden goes to the Cowboys, ”he says.

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