What Pros Wear: Air Griffey Max 1 “42” to Release Soon as a Turf

Available 04/24 at 7:00 a.m., depending on Nike.com.

As the league wore the number 42 in honor of the most important baseball player in MLB history, Jackie Robinson, Sean Manaea and other Nike athletes became attached to the Air Griffey Max 1 “42”. .

Manaea in the Air Griffey Max 1 “42”

A retrospective tribute to Jackie: the Air Griffey Max 1 “42” * turf * will be available April 24 at Nike. the Jackie Robinson socks might be sold out by the time you read this, but there might be one left.

From Nike:

“Ken Griffey Jr.’s legendary game cemented his baseball heritage. But the Swingman remains celebrated far beyond the diamond thanks to its iconic sneakers and lasting cultural impact. The Air Griffey Max 1 ’42’ pays homage to another sports legend to celebrate Jackie Robinson Day. The limited-edition sneaker features Robinson’s iconic number 42 and other details reminiscent of the all-time great and his lasting influence.

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