Know The IPL 2021 Players Who Never Changed Teams! Best 100

Today we present to you the IPL 2021 players who have never changed teams. the Indian Premier League has been among the most watched cricket tournaments across the world, as have the cricketers who appear for the tournament’s franchise 8. While the franchise management sit down together at the start of each season to work the best team for the seasons to come, there are only a handful of players who have always been management favorites. Here are the 3 IPL 2021 players who have never changed teams to IPL:

The Mystery Spinner had won a few matches for Calcutta knight horsemen and when Gautam Gambhir joined the franchise, he added an extra burden to the Trinidadian cricketer, that is, he hit by pinch and the Spinner became a utility cricketer that the franchise would depend on in the seasons to come. KKR twice became IPL champions with this change and a few others.

Narine would destroy a few strong bowling units and sever their batting partnerships with almost even panache. He became a match winner and went to man for the Kolkata Knight Riders team. Sunil Narine is one of the 2021 IPL players who have never changed teams.

Another Trinidadian cricketer, another story of commitment to a team. Kieron Adrian Pollard was the balance five times champions have had in their team. The list of IPL 2021 players who have never changed teams is incomplete without Pollard. Pollard was chosen by the Mumbai Indians team in the 2010 Indian Premier League. Since his induction into the Mumbai Indians in 2010, Pollard has since provided the spark for the franchise team in the death overs and the result is there to see as the team has become the most successful franchise in the Indian Premier League.

One of the greatest mid-order drummers of Indian Premier League tournament, Kieron Pollard is the investment the Mumbai Indians have built around as they now have a consistent total of 3-4 versatile players in their XI of play, making the squad one of the strongest and most more balanced.

The Chase Master, the Run Machine, the Record Slayer are just the phrases that define Virat Kohli and such phrases increase with the matches and races he adds to his career stats. While the years have enabled a youngster to become a senior cricketer, what has not changed is his physical form and his commitment to the teams he has represented. Virat Kohli started his Indian Premier League career in 2008 with Royal Challengers Bangalore and since then he has seen the ups and downs of the franchise.

Although the franchise team have had some great seasons, they haven’t been able to convert them into trophies and it would be a pity if the team and Kohli continued on their shoulders. the RCBbrand player and best race scorer ever in IPL, and also for a single franchise would expect 2021 to bring good news to the front lines as he continues to be one of the 2021 IPL players who have never changed squads.

These are the 2021 IPL players who have never changed teams. There are other players like Jasprit bumrah, Hardik pandya and a few more that might join this list sooner or later, but a lot depends on the 2022 mega auctions. Hope you liked the content, be sure to write your thoughts and questions under the comments. ciao!

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