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Uniqueness can mean different things to each person who believes in it and lives their life in it!

Ordinary moments happen all the time, we often overlook them because they don’t stand out, they are just ordinary. But everyday experiences can provide some amazing gifts, and they increase more and more the more we notice them.

It’s wonderful when we realize that we don’t have to work hard to receive a sign and that we are all capable if we open our minds and hearts to receive them!

I am delighted to introduce to you the inspiring co-authors of our new book Ordinary Uneness and I hope you will take the time to read the experiences they share with you to help you recognize the magical moments and daily wonders that we bring to you. can all witness and enjoy. In our lifes. We are all very grateful for the talented and inspiring Kyra and Todd Schaefer of As you wish, the publication! Wwithout them, this beautiful book would not exist!


Hear, see, know and be
By Anne Foster Angelou

Enough is a party

By Megan Arthurs

Healing in the ordinary way through extraordinary time
By Aileen Balizado

A gift of unity
By Sarah Berkett

By Holly Bird, Clc.med

My stroke of insight
By Anna Carlin

Decisive moments
By Rose Bourassa

The impossible is not so impossible
By Patricia Burlison

A rainbow in the clouds
By KC Cooper


By Angelique Culver

Play the path to academic success
By Diana Culver, Ph.D., M.Ed.

A walk through the seasons of time
By Geneva Dantes

Always a
By Kayleon Dortch-Elliott

Unconditional love everyday
By Rina Escalante

The ties that unite
By Karen Gabler

In the eye of the hurricane
By Sarah Gabler

How grieving self-care taught me oneness
By Rosanne Groover Norris

Paradise, I could only imagine
By Patricia Holgate Haney

Forty eight hours

By Marianne Hudspeth

The sacred in the ordinary
By Rosemary Hurwitz

Who do you take me for?

By Cindy J. Kaufman, MEd, EdS

Walks with Oz
By Donna Kiel

The day the Jaybird came to play
By Amy I. King

One with trees
By Becki Koon

The creation and dissolution of karma
By James Masters

The blessings of unity
By Evelyn McCaffrey

The effect of magical affirmation
By Paula Meyer

Are small things really big things?
By Maggie Morris

The mirror that reflects my core beliefs
By Josefina Ochoa Meza

Change the trauma into love, grace and hope
By Genève Osawe, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW, LMFT, LCAC

By Kim Pence

Fog rising over the water
By Vanessa Plimley

Daily rituals and connectivity
By April Porter

A box of chocolates
By Felicia Shaviri

What i wanna tell you
By Lisa Sterne

Little things are everything
By Katie Tryba

Stop: love meets unity
By Joanie Veage

Find my way to experience ordinary unity
By Dorothy Welty

The practice of collective desire
By Thomas Workman

I believe you
By Martha Yancey

What Unity can do for your life

  • Find peace in common experiences
  • Cultivate hope to overcome our challenges
  • Gain a better understanding of oneself
  • Release the pain of losses
  • Knowing when something ordinary is extraordinary!

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