Zion Williamson: How do the Pelicans avoid the same mistakes they made with Anthony Davis?

A look at the best Zion Williamson 2021 stats, and how the Pelicans are expected to build going forward …

As you got older in life, you realized that there were less new things in life. Growing up is an opportunity to experience new and exciting things, but over time you realize that most things are not original. Almost everything is a variation of something else from the past so much that even the people you know are nuances of each other. So seeing something that I had never seen before was very exciting.

Zion Williamson is something we have never Already seen.

Zion Williamson 2021 stats: breaking records

Even before scoring his first points in the NBA, many compared it to Charles barkley, mainly because of its size and construction. It was a lazy comparison. He shows us why in his 2nd season. It’s even unfair to call it his second season as he still hasn’t played 82 games due to last year’s injury.

Right now he’s playing and establishing himself among the elite of the NBA. When it comes to player rankings, yours really focuses on two things that elevate one player above the other. The first is efficiency because, well, that’s important. What good is a great player if he is not efficient. The second is aesthetic. As visual creatures, we are driven by our sight, and some players appeal to you more than others. Zion has both.

Its effectiveness is scary. He played 25 games where he scored over 20 points while shooting over 50% from the field, which matched Shaquille O’Neal’s record. In the age of the stopwatch, these two are the only ones to do so in their young careers.

He is currently 7th in FG% (62), 9th in eFG% (63) and 7th in TS% (66).

He is by far the most used player of all who rank above or next to him. It is quite absurd for someone so young to be so efficient. It’s even more absurd considering the number of shots he takes as his team’s first option. But in addition to efficiency, Zion also has an aesthetic.

Williamson’s monster athleticism

I know, I know, when we talk about aesthetically pleasing players, we’re mostly talking about those flowing guards with silky shots, players like Kobe bryant, Michael jordan, Kevin Durant, Stephen curry etc.

Zion is not like that, but he is on the other side of this spectrum which is no less fascinating. Such a tall man shouldn’t be able to fly so high or move so fast.

Seeing Zion live, as he flies and runs, must be fascinating. You probably cannot understand that such a player exists.

Youtube video

But what makes him so fascinating is not the force with which he moves his colossal figure, but the elegance with which he does so. Watch closely how he drops the ball, or how he dives and you will see a flying ballet dancer, a man who twists and turns his body finding holes among the many defending bodies. It’s built like a tank but even when you double or triple it its efficiency doesn’t drop. His response is a smooth fit in the air and the ball still comes in.

In the last 15 games, his efficiency is even more absurd, especially after starting to play with the ball in his hands. Point Zion is an unsolvable conundrum for NBA defenses.

During that span, Zion is averaging 31 points per game while shooting 62 percent from the field. He also averages five assists completely negating the lack of Lonzo Ball.

His “ growing up ” is impressive and in addition Luka Dončić, no player in the past 5 years has shown more than Sion so early. And remember that Luka has been playing among men since the age of 16 whereas for Zion it is his first tango.

What is the problem?

It seems that everything is going perfectly for the young man. Well the New Orleans Pelicans are the problem. Despite its absurd play, the franchise is still a long way from a playoff appearance. They probably can’t catch the Warriors because Human Torch is playing his best season (maybe ever?).

Dallas and Memphis are a level above them and are out of reach. They probably won’t be participating in the game, but even if they do, it’s clear the team is having a lot of issues. They won’t fight in the Brutal West until they resolve them.

Youtube video

During the Anthony davis era, the Pelicans managed to create multiple teams where they either had solid players that didn’t match each other or completely Frankenstein rosters where nothing worked. They must be extremely careful not to repeat the same mistake.

Brandon ingram and Zion Williamson looks like a perfect fit on paper, but on the floor, something just isn’t working. Ingram seems to have a bit of an ego problem often feeling the need to assert himself as a leader when in reality he should differ.

His refusal to allow Zion to lead kills the fluidity of their attack and results in many sloppy possessions. Ingram and Zion have a net score of +0.6 ranking them as the 152nd best duo in the league.

Pelicans face tough decisions

Steven adams is a terrible fit for this team offensively as it blocks the traffic lanes for Zion and then we have the Lonzo question.

He looked horrible first, then awesome when his bang started to fall, but then again, who knows what’s going to happen with him considering he is a RFA.

The rest of the squad are either too young or just not good enough for a serious result at the moment. Eric Bledsoe is in a funk that hurts them too. He’s a good player who does a lot of good things for the team on the pitch. He’s also a player who can’t craft a bucket to save his life, which pretty much negates all the other things he does.

The New Orleans Pelicans are simply a team that has invested capital in the wrong players.

The solution for them is to find an identity that is both offensive and defensive and they have to do it quickly. Whatever happens, their identity must be built around Zion. There are serious injury issues with Zion, but regardless of that, the team needs to build around him to move forward. It is just too unique and too effective to consider anything else.

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