Chet is coming to Gonzaga as Jalen leaves for NBA

Chet Holmgren, the number one in the country, is heading to Gonzaga! ZagsNation can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing the Bulldogs have another chance to make it through.

If you were like me, you would hold your breath. ESPN’s anchor asks question after question, and I just wanted Chet Holmgren to open his hoodie. Hoping he had the same t-shirt underneath as last year when Jalen Suggs, the fifth perspective of the country, revealed a Bulldogs Gonzaga shirt… YES, it’s Gonzaga! Chet Holmgren arrives at Gonzaga!

Last year, number six-ranked Jalen Suggs was the highest-rated rookie to ever wear a Gonzaga jersey. Today is rookie number one, Chet Holmgren. Hailing from the same school as Suggs, Holmgren can bring a whole new level of greatness to an already excellent basketball program.

Standing 7-0, Holmgren is a rim protection freak. Nothing exceeds it. With Drew timme, the winner of this year’s Karl Malone Award as the top varsity power forward returns. I don’t see how a team can stop Gonzaga. The kind of rim protection that Holmgren brings is what was missing.

It was the only concern I had with the team from last year. Drew Timme was the best to come in and score. He led the nation in the score, but just as important is preventing the other team from getting inside to score. If you watched the Championship game you might have thought the same.

What Chet Holmgren brings to the table

Holmgren averages 20.8 points, 12.6 rebounds, 4.5 assists and 4.7 blocks. Gonzaga now has a player on the team blocking shots. His high school has won four consecutive state championships. In this year’s title game, Holmgren scored 18 points, with 13 rebounds and seven assists in an 80-29 victory.

The 80-29 score is very much like a Gonzaga game. This young man is averaging 13 rebounds per game in his senior year. Chet is also a threat from the outside. It’s great news now that Corey kispert and Joel ayayi are gone.

Under Coach Few, he can only improve. In fact, one of the reasons Chet chose Gonzaga was his head coach. He had this to say about Coach Few:

He’s a super honest guy. He’s a fan of the game, and I hear he’s a good fisherman too. He continues to learn more about the game and enjoys what he does.

Goodbye Jalen Suggs

As the Bulldogs and fans celebrate the arrival of their two new five-star players, on the same day, Holmgren signs up, says Suggs for the NBA Draft.

After a brief statement about his feelings and commitment to championing racial justice, Jalen Suggs has declared himself for the 2021 NBA Draft this summer. I knew it was going to happen, but I was taken with mixed emotions. Watching this young man over the last season was fascinating. His confidence and maturity are rare to find in someone so young. He will be missed, that’s for sure.

Let’s take a look at who is playing for Gonzaga this coming season.

What the Bulldogs look like in 2021-2022

Hunter Sallis is a 6-5 ″ point guard who can more than take over from Suggs’ start. He is ranked 13th overall and is the third leader in the class. Gonzaga is lucky to have him.

With Holmgren and the five-star rookie Sallis join Andrew Nembhard, Anton watson, and maybe Timme, Gonzaga’s starting squad next season will be just as powerful, if not more powerful, than last season. Don’t forget the solid bench with Dominick Harris, Ben Gregg and Julian Strawther.

Maybe next season the Gonzaga Bulldogs go 32-0. I can not wait to see it!

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