This stat proves Stephen Curry is in another stratosphere as a shooter

Stephen Curry continues to turn out as a true NBA legend and one statistic in particular further illustrates his greatness.

the Golden State Warriors want to stay in the Western Conference’s playoff picture, and a Monday night win over the Philadelphia 76ers was a great way to do just that. As expected, Stephen Curry was the reason the Warriors won.

Curry was his mind-blowing habit with 49 points and a 10 of 17 rating behind the 3-point line. Nights like Curry’s are no longer surprising. But fans should take note of the legendary shooter story this season after another big night.

Stephen Curry continues to be in a league of his own

This statistic is almost hard to believe. Curry now has six games this season with at least 10 3-pointers. No one else has more than five such games in their career.

Will anyone ever catch the career mark of 21-year-old Curry? This mark may even rise and rise as Curry shows no signs of slowing down.

Remember, no one other than Curry has played more than five games with 10 3-pointers in his career. He has four since April 12. That gives him four of those games the last five times he’s been on the floor.

Curry is playing absolutely out of this world in April and that’s great news for the Warriors heading into the playoffs. The team is clinging to a place of play right now and could climb and still have a chance to move up to 6th place before the end of the regular season.

But if Curry keeps that pace, the Warriors are going to be a tough game no matter where they end up in the standings.

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