Way-Too-Early Predictions In Major Categories

To quote Alan Garner from The Hangover, “How about this ride?” Before we move on to the 2022 Oscars, we need to tackle the 2021 Oscars. Because of this thing they call “the pandemic,” the Oscars looked very different in 2021. With a new date and a new location, the change is not. not necessarily a bad thing.

After the 2021 ceremonyI found myself wanting a show from previous years. I appreciated some of the risks the producers (Steven Soderbergh was one of the producers) took, including the decision to give the winners as much time as they wanted. Without this decision, we will not get the beautiful speech of Thomas Vinterberg or the sex joke of Daniel Kaluuya. Then again, some people had to be eliminated, but that’s the risk.

However, the series is in desperate need of a host to hold things together. In a year when films were barely seen by the general public, not including clips for all categories was bizarre. Finally, putting the best film before the best actress and the best actor was a risk that did not bear fruit. The show awkwardly ended with Joaquin Phoenix accepting the award from Anthony Hopkins *, who was not in attendance for his Best Actor victory. The producers clearly believed Chadwick boseman would win and the show would end with a beautiful tribute to a wonderful actor who died too soon. That didn’t happen and the ending fell flat.

*I was shocked that Boseman didn’t win. However, to say that Hopkins didn’t deserve to win is outrageous. Hopkins gave a career-defining performance in The Father. I wanted Boseman to win, and Hopkins gave an incredible, award-winning performance. Both can be true!

With the 2021 Oscars in rear view, it’s time to look to the 2022 Oscars. I admit I’m crazy looking this far, but I love this shit. To all studio heads, please release your films this year. Stop delaying!

Oscars 2022: early thoughts

Steven Spielberg controls the board

Mr. Spielberg, the ball is in your court. Type “the most anticipated films of 2021” into a search engine and 98% of articles will include Steven Spielberg West Side Story, which hits theaters in December. The adaptation of West Side Story, which won 10 Oscars in 1962, including Best Picture, will be Spielberg’s most ambitious task since 1993. Schindler’s list. I don’t know what to expect from Spielberg’s musical. This could reflect the success of the 1961 adaptation or be a dud like Cats. In fact, I can guarantee it won’t be like Cats so expect West Side Story to receive multiple Oscar nominations. With good reviews and a solid box office performance, West Side Story could be the favorite to take home the best picture award next season.

Will PTA finally win gold?

One of the most acclaimed and respected filmmakers of his generation is Paul Thomas Anderson (PTA). If you call PTA a master of his craft, you won’t hear any arguments from me. PTA is the only person to have won top directing awards at the Venice, Berlin and Cannes film festivals. However, PTA has not achieved any individual Oscar wins despite eight nominations over more than 20 years.

PTA will have another shot at Oscar glory with Soggy bottom, a film about a high school student’s attempt to become an actor in the 1970s in Los Angeles. If PTA is going to win their first Oscar, chances are it will be in the screenplay category. A showdown between Wes Anderson and PTA in the scenario category is imminent. Sign me up for this battle!

Will Dune to be a success with the Academy?

West Side Story could top many lists for the 2021 expected movies, but my pick is Dune, the science fiction epic of Denis Villeneuve. Sci-fi rarely wins top categories at the Oscars, but Villeneuve did so with a Best Picture and Best Director nomination for 2016. Arrival. With a star-studded cast starred by Timothée Chalamet, Dune has all the makings of Oscar success.

DuneThe success of the latter will depend on its launch strategy. From now on, Dune will be released simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max. Villeneuve is clearly opposed and unhappy with this decision as evidenced by his open letter to Warner bros. Dune debuting on HBO Max would be a huge win for the streaming service, but it would piss off its director. I think there is a compromise on the horizon similar to what Paramount + will do with its new 45-day publication window.

Quick shots

  • Leonardo DiCaprio will have two high profile outings in The Flower Moon Killers and Don’t look up. Looks like he will run to support Flower moon and lead for Don’t look up. A double candidate is not out of the question.
  • Speaking of Scorsese, he’s putting his talents to work for a new streaming service, Apple TV +, for the above The Flower Moon Killers. So far, this is Apple’s best chance to win an Oscar.
  • Every year Netflix has a golden goose to grow during awards season. Last year was Mank. In 2021, it will be Adam McKay’s Don’t look up, with a more stacked cast than the 2020-2021 Nets.
  • Will Frances McDormand tie the record for most interim Oscar wins with four? It is possible, but after his victory for Nomadland, she must be included with Meryl Streep for Best Actress Alive.

I wrote a article too early for the 2021 Oscars in February 2020. In Best Picture, these are my predictions.

In my defense, most of these films have been postponed until 2021. However, I will congratulate myself for Nomadland, Chicago 7 trial, and Mank. We don’t have to talk about my Hillbilly Elegy prediction.

Without further ado, my predictions too early for the Oscars 2022. Keep in mind that The best film will be fixed at 10 nominees as part of the Academy’s diversity and inclusion initiative.

Oscars 2022 forecast

Better image

  • Don’t look up
  • Dune
  • The French dispatch
  • Gucci House
  • The Flower Moon Killers
  • Nightmare alley
  • Who passed
  • Soggy bottom
  • Macbeth’s tragedy
  • West Side Story

Best actor

  • Pilot Adam – Gucci House
  • Oscar Isaac – The card counter
  • Richard Jenkins – Humans
  • Jesse Plemons – The Flower Moon Killers
  • Denzel Washington – Macbeth’s tragedy

Best actress

  • Lady Gaga – Gucci House
  • Jennifer Hudson – The respect
  • Jennifer Lawrence – Don’t look up
  • Frances McDormand – Macbeth’s tragedy
  • Tessa Thompson – Who passed

Best Supporting Actor

  • Bradley Cooper – Soggy bottom
  • Leonardo DiCaprio – The Flower Moon Killers
  • Bryan Tyree Henry – Red, white and water
  • Jared Leto – Gucci House
  • Jesse Plemons – Power of the dog

Best Supporting Actress

  • Jodie Comer – The last duel
  • Ariana DeBose – West Side Story
  • Regina King – The harder they fall
  • Rooney Mara – Nightmare alley
  • Ruth Negga – Who passed

Best director

  • Paul Thomas Anderson – Soggy bottom
  • Jane Campion – Power of the dog
  • Adam McKay – Don’t look up
  • Martin Scorsese – The Flower Moon Killers
  • Steven Spielberg – West Side Story

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