Faraday Future Selects Velodyne As Exclusive Lidar Supplier For The FF 91 Flagship Luxury Electric Vehicle


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Velodyne Lidar, Inc. (Nasdaq: VLDR, VLDRW) announced today that it has been selected by Faraday Future (FF) as the exclusive lidar supplier for Faraday’s flagship all-electric vehicle (EV) FF 91. Velodyne’s solid state Velarray H800 Lidar sensors will power the FF 91’s autonomous driving system which aims to provide a full suite of highway, city and parking range features.

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Velodyne Lidar has announced that it has been selected by Faraday Future (FF) as the exclusive lidar supplier for Faraday’s flagship all-electric vehicle (EV) FF 91. (Photo: Faraday Future)

The ultra-intelligent and technologically luxurious FF 91 will deliver a unique electric mobility experience that combines extreme technology, an ultimate user experience and a holistic ecosystem. FF 91 is expected to launch within 12 months of the closing of the recently announced merger with Property Solutions Acquisition Corp. (PSAC) (NASDAQ: PSAC), a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC).

“Velodyne is a recognized industry leader in the performance, reliability and price of lidar solutions,” said Carsten Breitfeld, CEO of Faraday Future. “We are adopting the latest technologies – including the Velarray H800 from Velodyne – to develop driver assistance features that help us deliver new levels of driver safety, comfort and convenience. The sensor supports safe navigation and collision avoidance, incorporated into the current vehicle architecture in a way that allows the FF 91 to retain its future design. “

“Velodyne and Faraday Future are both committed to redefining the mobility experience through greater range and vehicle safety,” said Anand Gopalan, CEO of Velodyne Lidar. “The technical teams at Velodyne and Faraday Future have maintained excellent synergy for many years. Our close relationship has led Velodyne to become a direct supplier to Faraday Future and help them realize their vision of next-generation mobility on roads around the world.

Velarray H800 is a solid-state lidar sensor designed for automotive-grade performance and built using Velodyne’s revolutionary micro-lidar array (MLA) architecture. The sensor’s compact and integrated form factor allows the sensor to be perfectly located behind the vehicle’s windshield for streamlined and seamless integration. With a combined long-range perception and wide field of view, the Velarray H800 is designed for safe navigation and collision prevention in ADAS and autonomous mobility applications.

About Velodyne Lidar

Velodyne Lidar (Nasdaq: VLDR, VLDRW) ushered in a new era of stand-alone technology with the invention of real-time surround-vision lidar sensors. Velodyne is the first pure-play public lidar company and is known around the world for its broad portfolio of breakthrough lidar technologies. Velodyne’s revolutionary sensor and software solutions provide flexibility, quality and performance to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, including autonomous vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), robotics , unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), smart cities and security. Through continuous innovation, Velodyne strives to transform lives and communities by promoting safer mobility for all.

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About Faraday Future

Founded in May 2014, Faraday Future (FF) is a global shared intelligent mobility ecosystem company, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. FF’s vision is to create a shared smart mobility ecosystem that allows everyone to move, connect, breathe and live freely. FF aims to continuously improve the way people move by creating a forward-thinking mobility ecosystem that integrates clean energy, AI, the internet and new user models. With the FF 91, FF has imagined a vehicle that redefines transport, mobility and connectivity, creating a true “third Internet living space”, completing the Internet experience for users at home and on their smartphones.

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