Colorado hoops has a Top-10 recruiting class and a loaded 2021-22 roster

By Sam Metivier, Ralphie Report: Somehow, Tad Boyle took the Colorado Buffaloes basketball program to the next level. It’s not a program where elite rookies land, but with all 13 scholarships tallied, the 2021 class is ranked 9th in the country and first in the Pac-12, according to

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This recruiting class began with a local kid, Lawson Lovering of Cheyenne, Wyoming, who signed up to the Buffs even before his junior season began. Then a 3-star rookie, Lovering became (literally) one of the top 50 rookies nationwide. The Buffs have never had a 7’1 cross that can shoot, block shots and handle the ball, but they will have one soon enough. Maybe this recruiting victory is on the luckier side, but it’s still huge to identify the local talent who has become an elite recruit.

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