Floyd Mayweather’s press conference for exhibition with YouTuber Logan Paul was even more embarrassing than expected

Floyd Mayweather looks out of place as hype intensifies for his latest circus act as DAZN indulges in criticism of Billy Joe Saunders for “not going out with his shield,” writes George Gigney

While the bar is already extremely low, the press conference for Floyd Mayweather’s show content with YouTuber Logan Paul was even more embarrassing than expected. Logan’s irritable brother Paul ripped the hat off Mayweather’s head and a fight ensued. While the Logan brothers, despite being around 20, acted like 14-year-olds, Mayweather looked awfully old. Maybe it was just the beard and thicker hair he wore now, but he looked like a man who should be enjoying his retirement, not fighting internet trolls.

Either way, the whole fiasco has yet proven that you don’t need to know how to box to be successful in boxing now, you just need to know how to put people back together. Videos of the fight were instantly posted on the internet and social media was abuzz with people talking about Floyd’s next “ fight ” with Paul. The sky is the limit for this pay-per-view now.


ONCE again the Q word has raised its ugly head, but this time the narrative is led by the broadcast crew covering the fight in question. Billy Joe Saunders, after making a competitive effort against pound for pound king Canelo Alvarez, did not come out of his corner for the ninth round after suffering a nasty facial injury.

While the extent of the damage is not immediately clear, the effects on Saunders have been. After Canelo landed a crispy uppercut, Billy Joe immediately backed up and looked vulnerable. More worrying was the fact that his right eye swelled almost instantly; a clear sign that something is broken.

Alas, DAZN’s comment team did not pick up on this, instead focusing on Canelo’s subsequent escalation of aggression. While it was understandable for them to get drawn into this drama, it was utterly disgusting to hear Chris Mannix and Sergio Mora immediately criticize Saunders for “not going out with his shield.” This is a direct quote from their comment, they literally said it.

Mora, a veteran, should be better informed and when given the opportunity to clarify his statement, he said he wouldn’t go so far as to call this ‘give up’ but said it was was “more a case of [Saunders] not have any other equipment to go to. “

Fortunately, DAZN had drafted Carl Froch to comment on the fight and he was the only one there who expressed concern about Saunders injury and how that would have been the deciding factor, rather than any perceived lack of courage or ambition.

The debate over which fighters to ‘give up’ or not will rage ad nauseum, but it’s a real problem when commentary teams on major broadcasters are so quick to stick their necks out, especially when there seems to be evidence of it. ‘a fairly significant injury. Mannix said he was “speechless” that Saunders – which he had on his unofficial dashboard – chose to stay on his stool “because his eyes started to swell.”

Ed Mulholland / Game Hall

If the reports that Saunders had been diagnosed with a broken orbital bone were true, then he wasn’t just facing swelling, he would have experienced excruciating pain and a legitimate fear for the long-term health of his eye.

Saunders himself will experience the futility of criticizing a fighter for leaving a fight because of an injury. After Daniel Dubois chose not to continue due to a serious eye injury in his fight with Joe Joyce, Saunders later said he should be “carried” from the ring and that he would not would never stop fighting with such an injury. Comments like this – whether from a world champion, an online fan, or a commentator – don’t help anyone.

These sad miscalculations from Mora and Mannix aside, the commentary for the fight as a whole also left a lot to be desired. It looked like the whole team had gone on the show expecting the quintessential brawler vs.boxer game, and would not be swayed from that point of view regardless of what happened in the ring.

Canelo didn’t train punches, so in the eyes of the commenting team, he wasn’t performing well. Rather than recognize the traps he set and the defensive brilliance he sometimes showed, they assumed he was seriously struggling with Saunders’ style. While it was encouraging to see them aware of the Briton’s effort and skill – the ‘B side’ of big fights like this is often overlooked by comments – Mannix had Saunders at the time of the shutdown, this that seemed like a real stretch.

Interestingly, although they appeared to miss the mark with Saunders, commentators were right to question the motives of Nagy Aguilera, who was writhing in apparent pain, claiming he had been struck by an illegal punch. of his opponent, Frank Sanchez. Replays made it clear that the shot barely touched Aguilera’s shoulder, let alone the back of his head, and Mannix, Mora and company understandably expressed confusion and skepticism at the reaction of Aguilera.

Overall, however, the show was admittedly exciting. Seeing such a large crowd in a fight was undeniably exciting, and DAZN and the event organizers clearly spared no expense in putting on a show.


The Athletic reports that Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy promotions could switch from DAZN to Triller at the end of the year. Golden Boy’s current deal with DAZN runs at the end of 2021 and Oscar has confirmed talks are underway for a nine-figure, multi-year deal with Triller, a platform best known for bringing Jake Paul into the fight. non-boxers for obscene amounts of money.

While this move would help legitimize Triller’s involvement in boxing, it’s hard not to think that promising Golden Boy fighters like Vergil Ortiz Jnr and Ryan Garcia wouldn’t benefit much. Although still a new platform, DAZN has established itself as a major player in boxing.

Triller, on the other hand, has so far only provided a stage for freak shows and circus acts. Fighters like Ortiz and Garcia deserve better than this.

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