Life After The Pandemic – What You Expect From This Humble Message …..

This article is just a recall to you that life has given you a second chance to correct all the harm you have done to yourself and the environment during all of this. A chance to Live your best life. A chance to pursue your dreams and take care of not only your body, but also your soul. It’s a reminder not to get lost in the chaos and noise. AT search what is looking for you.. Your Life after the pandemic must have changes that bring you happiness.

So go ahead and tick all the boxes that you wanted to do before the pandemic, but were still busy with “other things”.

What will you do to get started once this pandemic is over? What will your life be like after the pandemic?

Also, remember that some of this advice will be new to many of you, so don’t be surprised by it, as few things that are normal for you might be a privilege for others.

  • Take a solo road trip – A trip that fill up your soul
  • Join a One Month Wellness Retreat Course – Find Your Inner Voice
  • Publishing a Book – Because it’s Relatively Easier on Amazon KDP
  • Eat at your favorite restaurant – Eating with your group builds relationships
  • Go Club Hopping – Whatever your age, club-hopping will always leave you with new experiences every time
  • Trek with your friends – You will both be surprised to know each other’s lives as you walk to the top
  • Planting Trees – The Importance of Oxygen Known Like Never Before
  • A relaxing spa resembling Kerala, Ayurveda Spa, Thai Spa… – A spa will never fail to de-stress you
  • Feeding a Raven, Sparrow, Cat, Dog, Cow, Goat – Coexistence is the best thing nature has taught us
  • Meet all your cousins ​​- Because why not?
  • Say hello to your former colleagues – Be nostalgic for the good old days in the office
  • Go To The Gym Diligently – Do Something Today That Your Future Will Thank You For
  • Attend Music Festivals & Live Comedy Shows – Feel Thousands Of Energy Under One Roof
  • Eliminate Video Conferencing Apps – Life After The Pandemic Should Be Less These Apps
  • Scream on a roller coaster – What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
  • Sleep easier – Because it’s all over and Personal care should be your top priority
  • Learn to Breathe – Did you know you are breathing the wrong way all these years?
  • Wake Up Early – It is good to get up before sunrise, as such habits contribute to health, wealth and wisdom
  • Invite your children to participate in life skills activities, such as planting a tree, baking, coloring.
  • See What You Eat – Say No To Sugar
  • Wear your favorite clothes, dress and be happy about it – Because you deserve to feel good
  • Act like a tourist again, even in our own hometowns – Remember that century old cafe in your city, yes it’s history now and you don’t know
  • Go to a new city and volunteer in exchange for free food and accommodation.Sign up for the Couchsurfing and Workaway apps and enjoy a new experience for free
  • Help random strangers every week because you don’t need a pandemic to be kind to others – because good deeds are all we should compete for.

These are things we all literally take for granted; Remember to live your life to the fullest according to your demand. Not like what society expects from you. Yes, we all have some responsibility towards society, but certainly not at the expense of our own wishes. For once, be the genius of your own life and make your wishes come true.

Take a print of it and stick it on your favorite wall in your bedroom. And see how it changes your life for the better, of course.

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