New version of Presence Global adds visibility for parents An app to manage your online footprint, data privacy and cyberbullying

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Widespread awareness of the risks of personal data breaches and the harmful effects of spending a lot of time on social media continues to grow. Presence Global is a fast growing application that helps protect individuals and families, manage online safety and internet traps, and stay secure in all aspects of our digital life.

Presence Global’s proprietary software and artificial intelligence are designed to provide online peace of mind by enabling you to know, monitor and protect your digital footprint – all in one place.

Presence Global has just released two important updates to its app to help individuals and parents protect their data privacy and online health:

  • Family characteristic: The new Family feature allows parents to view their children’s footprints online. With just a few clicks, it is now possible to add loved ones to the platform and help them protect their privacy online. As before, one of the main differentiators of the Presence Global feature is that it does not allow “harassment” and is a way to educate the family about online privacy.
  • New dashboard interface design: The new interface makes it easier to manage one’s digital life online by displaying functionality in a simpler, more graphical user interface. The new dashboard highlights the complementary nature of My Hives, managing data privacy and your internet footprint. A simple tap on the screen now allows you to access one of these functions.

Founder and CEO Mukul Kumar says, “Protecting children online and providing guidance to help them stay safe online is more essential than ever in today’s connected world. The new family functionality of the Presence platform helps families manage and protect the online lives of their loved ones without invading their privacy. “

Advisor Dr Alva Johnson adds, “The Hive feature is an essential tool for parents who have children who are facing cyberbullying or who simply want to engage in a dialogue about sensitive issues online. Cyberbullying is a serious problem that affects the mental health of children. Parents, students and educators need to take preventative measures to stem the harmful effects of cyberbullying. “

Presence Global: Peace of Mind Online
Presence Global is a personal data management company. Our platform and services are breaking new ground in the market for protecting individual consumer data by enabling the average person to start managing their digital footprint and protect their and their children’s health online. It is one of the first steps in making the Internet a safer place for everyone. For more information, please visit us at

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