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Hello from Vermont. We decided to go upstairs for a few days to check out the house, do some gardening and get a change of scenery. On the way up we realized we had never been here in the spring. I can attest to the fact that it is similar to Rhode Island in that you can wake up at 35 degrees and sit outside in the afternoon at 70 degrees. These few hours of heat are really pleasant and it is so pretty here. It’s fun to see Marin exploring in a whole new way too. When we last left she wasn’t walking yet, now she’s everywhere (always grateful for a bungalow with a walking toddler). I have my weekly IG break today and tomorrow, but on Sunday I’ll be sharing frequently requested photos and videos of my favorite things around Woodstock and I also have a special Vermont themed giveaway planned. Have a nice week end.

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share, or pin, we’ve got you covered. Here is the best of the week …
I ss (J) and Caylin (VS

Click on. Lily. Love. 5.14.21

Hi locals, Providence has two amazing new ice cream spots: Kow Kow and Haledo TaiyakI.

A magnificent photo report on the newborn phase and what it’s like to take care of a newborn baby: Motherload.

Cute biker shorts from one of my favorite sustainable sportswear brands.

An excellent post from Joanna on responsibly camping.

The scientific reason why someone ghosts you after 90 days.

In case you missed it, my best choices of Follain products on sale (20% off ends Sunday). (J)

An interesting article on using collagen products, their safety and effectiveness.

“It’s time to give Black barbecue culture the attention it deserves.

Have you heard of that roundtable with the vice president that took place in Rhode Island? It was about including child care when we think of infrastructure.

A great promo if you like Tatcha products or wanted to try them. Get a free Pearl tinted eye treatment (this is what I use every day as a concealer) with the purchase of $ 175 + with the code BRIGHT21. I am a big fan of the Dewy Serum and Dewy skin cream. (J)

Black mothers face dangerous health care disparities, this film examines whether midwives can help.

Easy dinner alert on weekdays? Try this sautéed black pepper udon, the homemade sauce is a breeze to prepare. (VS)

For those of you who liked my Doen pieces, they have a sale right now. I have the Charleston dress and Jane blouse.

Do you follow some of these popular affirmation accounts on Instagram?

Here is a detailed history up to 2001 of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict this week, and an additional calendar until 2018 for more information.

On the Covid crisis in India and country responsibility on the rise.

New CDC guidelines say Americans who are fully vaccinated can stop wearing masks or maintain social distancing in most indoor and outdoor environments. For many, the news was greeted with mixed emotions.

I love that you can now have free embroidery onot my favorite organic cotton t-shirt by Sezane.

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