NFL Drops Aaron Rodgers From Schedule Promo!

NFL Drops Aaron Rodgers From Scheduled Promotion! | Sports Takes & News |

Now you see them and now you don’t see them, this is how an updated advertisement promoting the 2021 NFL schedule release can be described. The people we saw last week, quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, have been removed from the original commercials that aired last week, with a new promo honoring the AFC game between Mahomes and Lamar Jackson. Does that mean the NFL knows something about Aaron Rodgers’ future, but can’t tell us? Here is the advertisement:

It was rightly Complex sports who noted last week that the hype for the Kansas City / Green Bay game was removed from a promotional ad the NFL had prepared for the release of this week’s schedule. Since teams already know who they play, anyone who follows the NFL knows that a game between the Chiefs and the Packers is going to happen. However, wWith a cloud hanging over Green Bay, the involvement of current Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in this game is now in doubt as the league unwraps its latest gift of the offseason, the schedule.

Far from the NFL engaging in bogus advertising, which is why the league has changed its ad promoting the calendar release this week. Since Rodgers can even go as far as retire rather than play for the Packers amid lingering issues with the front office, the league pulled the Green Bay quarterback from the announcement, only fueling speculation that something is about to happen.

Aaron Rodgers, for salary cap purposes, cannot be traded until June 1st Unless the Packers want to endure a huge dead space success for the 2021 season. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported on a 60/40 change where Rodgers is traded before training camp begins, adding, “Denver is a buzzing team in league circles,” as a place where the QB of the Packers would rather go if Green Bay follows his ask.

Would Aaron Rodgers really reject his legacy as one of the greatest Green Bay Packers players of all time just because he’s insulted by the way he’s been treated?

In a nutshell, yes, because he knows he’s closer to the end than the start of his career, and he knows he already had other options outside of the NFL if he retired this offseason. . Maybe he knows his only chance to host “Jeopardy!” is now and is ready to leave the Packers for a job that could last twice as long as the 16-year career he had at Green Bay. Also, maybe he’s really so annoyed, hurt and upset by the way the Packers have treated him in recent years that he’d rather have an ugly divorce than stay in a bad football marriage, the front office of the Packers by giving him just enough. to justify acting as it has been in recent weeks.

Can things be saved between Rodgers and the Packers? Maybe, but the first indications are that the NFL has its doubts, increasing the doubts of those outside of league offices. Either way, the NFL knew enough to stop promoting all the clashes involving Aaron Rodgers during the 2021 season; and, at least for now, that’s all you need to know about the gravity of the situation in Green Bay. Because if Rodgers leaves, the Packers will drop the list of Super Bowl contenders overnight, with their quarterback donning a new uniform or taking on a new job this fall. Something which, sadly, becomes more and more likely as this drama continues to play out.


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NFL Drops Aaron Rodgers From Scheduled Promotion! |

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