4 apps to revolutionize your new working style

The year 2020 has been a wake-up call for businesses around the world. The world has completely rested and organizations have paved the way for remote working. Even companies with the most rigid policies embrace the restricted work model and allow employees to work from home.

4 apps for working from home

COVID-19, the global pandemic, doesn’t seem to bring good weather even after a year. Thus, the transition to remote work appears to be continuing. If your team is new to the Work From Home trend, here’s a list of tools you can start using right away.


One of the best project management tools for remote working is ProofHub. The process of managing small teams and projects was pretty straightforward, all thanks to all-in-one feature software.

With this software, companies can manage countless projects, of various sizes, keep track of working hoursand generate project reports. The best thing about ProofHub is that it combines multiple collaboration tools like file storage, built-in chat, and markup tools.

Google meet

Google Meet is premium conferencing software developed by Google. You might think this app is part of G-suite, but it’s not true.

All Gmail account holders can use the accessible version of Meet. Web Conferencing Platform is a popular member because it provides seamless usability. All you need to do is type in the meeting URL, grant permissions, and watch yourself logged into the meeting.

Be aware that Google Meet has a plethora of features for usability, integrations, and compatibility. With Meet, you can use a feature to see what you look like before the meeting starts and record google meet, discuss with the participants. Plus, smart integrations help join appointments right from Gmail or Calendar.

These features make Google Meet a great choice for real-time video conferencing for personal and business interactions.

Google drive

Google Drive is a popular tool among the masses. People have been using it for storing and sharing audio files, documents, presentations and videos with members of your remote team. Despite these unique features, be aware that Google Meet data is still secure. In addition, document owners have the power to choose who you want to share your documents and files with.


Do you think your chat and audio chat may not be enough for your needs? Well, what about the ability to remotely access someone else’s screen? It sounds like a simple but effective solution.

TeamViewer is such an effective solution for enhancing remote assistance, online meetings and remote access to help customers remotely. With this software, companies can work with colleagues remotely and stay connected with their devices.

To work on TeamViewer, download the software in both systems. Now enter the login information to share your screen. TeamViewer is a great source for providing a robust and accessible approach that is popular among individual businesses.

Final walkthrough

The transition from working from home can be overwhelming for individuals and teams. The process becomes even more difficult for new remote workers, especially when they are struggling to find a work-life balance. But not anymore. The tools mentioned above are to help you do your best as a remote employee.

Please share this article with your colleagues and teams and let them know about the different work at home tools. Until then, good remote work!

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