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The monsoons have made their entrance by offering us the Mumbaikars a lot of respite from the sweltering heat of summer. Although cliché, reactions such as petrichorum winds and rushing sounds of raindrops with trees and roads flooded with renewed freshness are already fully present. While typical monsoon dishes like roasted corn by the side of the road and pakodas with evening tea make us drool with anticipation, it also means saying goodbye to the king of fruits; mango. Why not do it in style and indulge in some fun mango dessert while they’re still available on the market?

Our family is taking the term “mango people” to the next level. A world war-like situation can be expected in my house if a mango is not evenly divided or if someone bites the extra pulp of the seed twice in a row. Aamras, mango kheer, mango cake and mango ice cream is an annual ritual that is never compromised. We are mango fanatics in the heart! Today’s mango dessert recipe was the surprise for my husband and boy’s birthday lunch, it was bowled over!


Thick mango shake – 1 glass

(Mango pulp mixed with sugar and a little milk)

Chopped mango pieces – 1 cup

Mango ice cream – 1 scoop

Sweetened whipped cream – ½ cup or as needed

Chocolate chip cookies (coarsely crushed) – 6-7

Sabja seeds (soaked for half an hour in water) – 2 tablespoons

For garnish:

Chopped dried fruits

Chopped mango pieces

Colorful balls / vermicelli

Chocolate wafer cigar


1. Place all the ingredients on your kitchen counter. Apart from sabja seeds and cookies, all others should be refrigerated before use.

2. Take a nice tall glass that will properly highlight your layers. Make sure it is clean and dry.

3. Put chopped mango pieces at the bottom of the glass for the first layer of your homemade layered mango dessert.

4. Complete with a mango shake. Pour in a thick layer while leaving enough room for other goodies.

5. Next comes a layer of sweet whipped cream followed by a sprinkle of crushed chocolate chip cookies with a second layer of quick whipped cream on top.

6. Place the sabja seeds on the whipped cream. Remember to layer the sides as they might sink down the middle.

7. Pour another generous layer of thick mango shake over them, leaving about an inch from the top.

8. Place the scoop of mango ice cream in the middle. Garnish with chopped dried fruit, chopped mango pieces, colorful balls / vermicelli and a chocolate cigar.

9. Your homemade layered mango dessert is ready! Enjoy it immediately or keep it in the freezer for later. However, it is strongly advised not to leave it unattended!

This homemade layered mango dessert was secretly planned and executed by me and Angel, making it the perfect fun activity that you can enjoy with your kids as well. You can assemble it in under 5 minutes if you have all the ingredients on hand. It is an ideal treat for your loved ones, or yourself. In the unlikely event that someone doesn’t like mangoes (!), You can make the same dessert with chikoo, strawberry, banana, peach, or any other sweet, pulpy fruit.

Did you like the recipe? Are you also a mango lover like us? Special favorites? Leave me your comments.

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